Yellow Dragons

White Arts to Grey Arts 

From Higher-up Draconic Realms 

Usually more of a sandy color than a bright crayon-like yellow, they are really hardcore. They live most of their lives in isolation, they love dry areas, and are frankly antisocial, making it very rare to bond with them. They're the type that would try to avoid you, but not out of dislike, because they fear attachment, but once they do grow to be attached to someone, they are incredibly fierce guardians. Like, full on combat displays baring teeth and hissing at potential threats while curled around you fierce. They are solidly rooted in earth magick and have some skill in illusion based magick that they use to stay hidden. They frequently appear as "heat waves"such as the type you might see coming off of asphalt in summer, a light distortion that looks like a shimmer or wrinkle in the ground that goes away when you get nearer. Tend to have slightly elongated bodies but not so much that they cease being noticeably western dragons. They quite literally, live under rocks, so they do not know much about technology, but they are smart dragons and will talk with you, just don't expect high class conversations on physics, keep it to common topics.

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