Void Dragons 

Dark Arts Only

From Void Realm 

Void dragons are a special type of dragon comprised of void energy. This is important because void energy is a very different energy than most people are used to. In fact, it is the opposite. Void consumes, negates, nullifies, and in its own way can enhance various workings. 
Void dragons, though often benevolent in nature, are dangerous simply because of the very nature of what they are. They cannot become too close to something for fear of accidentally feeding off your energy, and harming you in the process. However despite this they very much desire companionship- at least the ones I am working with. That said, if you wish to own a Void Dragon you must be willing to follow very strict rules. 
Your Void dragon must feed. Whether you allow the dragon to retreat to its home realm to feed, or give it a target to feed from (they can feed from negative energy, and more), they must feed. This is for your safety, otherwise you will essentially be keeping an energetic sinkhole in your room while you sleep and that is not good for you. 
While in the astral, please do not attempt to physically interact with your void dragon unless it has just recently fed, or you are protected, but preferably don't do it at all unless they say it is alright. Even if no harm will come to you, they will recoil from touch as they are still scared to hurt you, and it will spook them if you try to pet them or hug them without saying something first. 
Please do not take the risk of owning a void dragon if you have any infants in your home.
With those rules out of the way let me tell you a little more about these dragons. They would be an absolute boon to a dark or black magick practitioner. Their ability to harvest and siphon energy can be fantastic for gathering energy with different flavors- sadness, anger, happiness, anything you request them to gather, and this can all be put forth in your spellwork. Void dragons themselves can greatly enhance work with death energy and essences, any necromantic work and of course any magick directed to do away with anything (or anyone, for that matter). 
Keeping in mind that void dragons are usually benevolent, they also so desire companionship and acceptance that they may do things even if they disagree with them. For this reason if I don't suspect you can handle the responsibility I will not sell to you. 
Void dragons become very protective of those that tend them and when confronted with a threat to that person they can be downright fierce. Set firm house rules and make sure the dragon knows them. This is essential to dealing with any dark spirit especially potentially volatile ones. 
With all that said, they are truly wonderful partners, great for conversation even in passing. I consider myself blessed to have found these dragons and they are so sweet in demeanor. It pains me they are cursed to be unable to get truly close with their loved ones. They must always watch from afar. I hope I can place some in loving and responsible homes with keepers who will not fear and disrespect them, but rather give them a bit of solace and happiness in their perilously long and lonesome existences. 

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