Time Dragons 

White Arts to Grey Arts 

From Higher-up Draconic Realms 

Bronze and green in color, time dragons do not necessarily control time but have the ability to temporarily travel through it. They cannot intervene whatsoever­ in your life or any other­ since for them no time is the present. They exist in a constant state of movement, time travel, and observation. However they can tell you anything you wish to know­ not the lotto numbers for next week unfortunately, but what life was like back then, details about your ancestors, or they can even take you with them astrally if you can astral project. Time is abstract and morphs across realms and if you are interested in learning about the mechanics of time travel, controlling and manipulating time, or even just spectating and taking notes for your history class these dragons would be a great choice. Time dragons are considered dark because eventually they will see something so dire they will no longer be able to watch silently, and sometimes the consequences of their actions can be catastrophic. They love to chat, and make good companions for those interested in astral travel to other times or parallel realms.

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