Special Dragon Species

A little more powerful and rare, these dragons are species that have differentiated themselves from the norm. 

Rainbow Dragon - Exceedingly rare, rainbow dragons are hard to find and harder to bind, but if you seek one and are pure of heart they will usually agree. They are in my opinion the "whitest" dragon in terms of morality, they will help you with anything pure and well intended. They can bring light and love into your life and are very skilled in magick, knowing a wide range of spells. One of the unique things about rainbow dragons is they can change their color depending on what the situation calls for and thus they can take on attributes of any common colored white arts dragon. They are very protective of their keeper and they really love children, both human children and spirit children. They make excellent companions because they are so loving and kind, but they do want a respectful keeper with their heart in the right place.

Copper Dragons - A very intellectual dragon species, coppers love trivia and debate. They love to learn almost anything, and will be a great help to students. Perhaps as a result of all their studies and hours of observations, they are very intuitive and know when someone is being honest or not. Copper dragons are trusty companions and once they take you under their wing they wont want to let anyone get the best of you.
Bronze Dragons - Extremely curious and chatty, bronze dragons are full of questions. Like coppers, they like to learn, although it is much more driven by their curious nature than a love for knowledge. They love to observe things, people, places, nature, animals, anything that they feel is interesting. They are very skilled in protection magick, and will do their best to repel curses sent towards their keeper.
Silver Dragons - Silver dragons are almost always happy, even in the face of adverse conditions. They will do anything to make sure you're just as happy as they are! They can appear to you in the form of any creature, mythological or real, human or animal, and are gifted in transformative magick. If you need to bring change into your life or are having trouble adapting, they can help. They're also great for people who often find themselves feeling lonely, as silver dragons are very uplifting to have around and they make perfect companions and confidants.
Gold Dragons - One of the most skilled dragons in magick, they know almost any spell you could think of, and a great many that you couldn't. They are very balanced and have an intense moral code. They always want to side with "justice" and will try to lead you down the right course of action no matter what. They are very confident in the face of any enemy and will help you come into your own, while doing all they can to protect you from getting into trouble in the first place.


Platinum Dragons - Thought to be very rare, more and more of these dragons are stepping forward to gain human companionship every day. They are intense white light entities, and can help you with almost anything as long as your motives are pure. They are very skilled at opening your third eye and can take you on astral journeys almost anywhere, as they can change their vibrational level at will­ though they choose not to go to many darker places. A great companion for energy healers due to the purity of the energy they provide, they can cleanse away impurities in your chakras or energy field if you ask. Platinums tend to be more strict and expect a lot of their keepers. They are honest and if you are being lazy or not putting forth effort towards something you want, for example learning to astral project, they will tell you so­, so please be aware of this before welcoming one home.

Eclipse Dragons - The doorway to these Dragons realm is only open in the light of an eclipse.  These dragons are medium sized, 40-90ft from head to tail is the range of adult size, with a few being larger than that. They have two wings, and their main scale color is usually black. The underbelly of these dragons takes on a dusty metallic color, and they often have gold or silver colored manes or tufts of hair. In their natural state, Eclipse Dragons emit the soothing energy of an eclipse. However, they can sit under the sun or moon for 4 human hours and become "charged" with sun or moon energy which will last for up to 3 days or until the energy is used up. During charged states the dragons emit a glowing aura. 

These dragons are very tied into Astrology and know tons of magick related to the planets, moons, and stars. They travel to and from various celestial bodies, gathering energy and harvesting it for use in their own spells, wards, and constructs. They are a very intelligent race, and their talents vary. 

Seraph Dragons - These dragons have six, feathery wings that extend behind them and they are very impressive to behold. The perfect union of higher realm angelic, healing energy and wisdom and strength from a dragon. A hard WA entity, they will not help with selfish requests, but they will help you better yourself through any means possible. They make excellent protectors, healers, and astral guides. Though they are not bound to any religion or God, their energy is very intense and striking, they make excellent partners for listening as well. 

Psionic Dragons - Dragons that wield energy as if it were physical, shifting it around their bodies and between their hands like it was floating water, they have achieved true mastery over energy. They are all linked to a seemingly endless energy source in their realm, and they emit energy that you can feel and absorb just by being around them. It is common for them to use this energy as an aura to calm the people around them and make them more cooperative as well. Psionic Dragons typically know many spells, and they are fantastic companions for anyone who frequently uses energy themselves- whether for magick, shielding, or just playing around. Psionic dragons are also master crafters with energy and they can make clothes, armor, and very complex weapons out of energy, which you can then use in the Astral Realm with your Astral Body. 

Lake of Silence Dragons - Named for the area of the Abyss where they originate, Lake of Silence Dragons are master empaths. Most of them have "blind" eyes, fully white with no pupils and barely any iris visible. Despite that, they can read peoples souls by looking at them, and form deep connections very quickly. These dragons are masters of manipulating emotional energy. They can convert negative energy into positive, or vice versa. They also have very loose morals, and are often willing to perform negative spells or attacks on people who hurt you or have hurt you in the past. One of the few dragons that is okay with "selfish" requests, they are safe because they will never attack anyone unless defending themselves or their keepers, or unless they are told to. 

Glacier Dragons - Glacier Dragons live in the Northern parts of Dragon Realm, a huge expanse of fields of nothing but massive hunks of ice and glaciers. Looking at it from the surface, you wouldn't see anything, and the landscape, though beautiful,  would seem very empty. Glacier dragons actually live in massive subterranean cities they have excavated out of the ice. The entrances are disguised as cracks and chasms, and almost nobody could find their home intentionally unless they knew where to look. 

Glacier Dragons are especially skilled at water and ice magicks as well as transformative and emotional based magicks.

Gem-Bearer Dragons-

These Dragons have rather average appearances, but on their chest and other places on their body they have gemstones embedded in their flesh. These gemstones are like a physical representation of their chakras, their energy centers, and energy pulses from the gemstones constantly. Gem-Bearer Dragons make great companions for witches and healers, since they always have energy to spare. They can store energy indefinitely in their gemstones, so they can charge themselves with energy from any source you desire and bring the energy back to you. 

Runic Dragons - 

Runic Dragons were an average species of Earth Dragon, but somewhere along the line they separated off into their own realm and began doing things their own way. When Runic Dragons are born, a Rune is cast, and that Rune is emblazoned onto the Dragon- it becomes their surname, and they are tasked with living as the embodiment of that Rune. These are a newer species, since Runes themselves are not very old. These Dragons tend to be younger, and their skills vary widely. 

Gemstone Dragons - 

Gemstone Dragons are a White Arts to Grey Arts Dragon living in a small, relatively high up Dragon realm. They come in many shades and colors, and can resemble almost any type of gemstone you can imagine. Though they may seem similar to Crystal Dragons at first, the appearance and energy of these dragons is totally different. Gemstone Dragon scales are smooth and shiny, and the scales are transparent and colored like a gem. Scales that are shed or lost are often sold to be made into sculptures or trinkets. 

Iron Soul Dragons - Very exacting in who they will work with, Iron Soul dragons are extremely protective of their keepers, and extremely stubborn. They have an unbreakable bond with their keepers, which they create by a method called "soul-sharing" wherein your souls are melded together, blended, for a time. This allows sharing of feelings, emotions, memories, and experiences. You can send your Iron Soul dragon out to a place, and then when they come home, soul-share with them and feel the experience of going to that place. 

Iron Soul dragons often have a kind of respectful love for their keepers, after being with them for a long time. 

Elemental Dragons -  Elemental magick is something dragons excel in, but while some other "common" colored dragons can use elemental magick the ones who will be most connected to the energies of the earth, air, water, fire, or spirit are elemental dragons. Their appearances vary, as do their personalities, but since they live their lives engaged in intense studies they usually dwell alone and become a little eccentric. They will jump at the chance to share their craft with someone willing to learn, and these dragons have stepped forward for human companionship after countless generations of relative solitude. If you practice dragon magick and call to the elemental quarters' guardian dragons, you have worked with elemental dragons before. Spirit based elemental dragons are the rarest, and excel in connecting you to the universe and your higher self. They do not usually get called upon, and instead are an omnipresent force. These dragons are tireless workers who have dedicated their lives in pursuit of elemental knowledge and are very powerful allies. These dragons can specialize in Earth, Air, Water, Fire, or Spirit magick.

Pearlscale Dragons - Pearlscale dragons are incredible healers and white arts practitioners. They are named for their appearance, varying shades of pearl and mother of pearl. They live in higher dragon realms, for years completely cut off from humans, few had even seen them and those that had were chosen carefully. It took some persuading to get them to agree to come forth in such a capacity, for human companionship but as soon as one stepped forward, another, then another did. They are generous, kind, wise dragons and they feel incredibly loving and motherly (Or fatherly, as the case may be). Pearlscale dragons do have a slightly darker range of color, those who are darker in color are usually designated to be the protectors of the group, as Pearlscale dragons are traditionally not very skilled in combat. They are a peaceful race, nearly pacifist, and one of the purest creatures I have ever seen. One of the privileges of being a keeper of a pearlscale is that you will get to accompany them astrally to their realm. It is one of the most stunning dragon realms I have ever seen, their homes are like castles and caves made of baroque pearl spires and shell­like exterior coatings. You will see some outstanding things with them, and be blessed with experiences most humans will never know. If you have any ill intent or ill will, these dragons will not work with you or go to you. They will go to those on a darker path but do not expect them to encourage you, and do not make requests of them that are ill willed or selfish. Requests that are selfless and altruistic, such as wishes for happiness, guidance, or healing for yourself and others, are most likely to be well received with the pearlscales.

Crystal Dragons - One of the rarest and most powerful dragons, crystal dragons are so named due to their appearance. There are different "kinds" of crystal dragon; some may appear to be diamond-scaled, and some may appear to be citrine-­scaled for example but they all have about the same abilities. These dragons are incredibly protective, very pure, and they excel at spiritual advancement. If you want a partner, a spiritual mentor of sorts, they would be happy to accompany you. It is rare to be called by a crystal dragon, since they usually do not venture into the human realm. To be in their company is something truly special. They will help you ascend and go deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible. They are also very powerful astral companions and guides.

Dark Crystal Dragons - Dark Crystal Dragons also exist, though they are more rare than the white. Their appearance varies and can range from a smokey quartz look to as black as obsidian. Though they are darker, they do not come close to black arts or even the darkness of a black dragon. They are masters of the arcane, specializing in defensive magick, conjuring, and magick related to any sort of attraction be it money, love, or health related. Dark crystal dragons did not become dark via any kind of wrongdoing. As stated elsewhere, crystal dragons are simply extreme warriors. Dark crystal dragons pursued knowledge of all sorts in an effort to better their combat skills. If you deal with darker spirits, a dark crystal dragon would be excellent to have around to keep them in line. They, like their white arts counterparts, are excellent spiritual mentors and are fearless, accompanying even those on darker paths and not afraid to follow you to darker realms and protect you there as well. These dragons are excellent teachers, confidants, and they can help you look in at yourself and see all your strengths and flaws, from a neutral perspective. Fantastic entities, truly a blessing to be chosen by one, as they will accompany you to ends of the Earth­ and the astral.

Reiki Dragons -  These dragons are be called Reiki Dragons by their draconic peers, because they practice reiki. To understand what a reiki dragon is, first you must have a basic understanding of what reiki itself is. To explain in the simplest terms possible, reiki is energy healing, but anyone who has had a reiki treatment knows that it is, in practice, much more than that. Reiki energy is pure, bright, white, healing, and energizing. It cleanses you, and helps your body to heal more efficiently. It comes directly from source­ not a source, a god or goddess, a spirit, source­ THE source. It is intelligent, and goes where it is needed. These dragons are white arts and inherently very kind, they are healers among their people and ours, and have no jealousy, scorn, or any negative trace about them. They are truly beautiful creatures, who, much like reiki itself, draw their origins from the source. They make stunning partners, whether you're in need of healing or a provider of healing yourself, and they can broaden your horizons, gifting you with reiki energy of such intensity it truly blows you away.


Time Dragons- Bronze and green in color, time dragons do not necessarily control time but have the ability to temporarily travel through it. They cannot intervene whatsoever­ in your life or any other­ since for them no time is the present. They exist in a constant state of movement, time travel, and observation. However they can tell you anything you wish to know­ not the lotto numbers for next week unfortunately, but what life was like back then, details about your ancestors, or they can even take you with them astrally if you can astral project. Time is abstract and morphs across realms and if you are interested in learning about the mechanics of time travel, controlling and manipulating time, or even just spectating and taking notes for your history class these dragons would be a great choice. Time dragons are considered dark because eventually they will see something so dire they will no longer be able to watch silently, and sometimes the consequences of their actions can be catastrophic. They love to chat, and make good companions for those interested in astral travel to other times or parallel realms.

Abyssal Bone Dragons - These dragons look like walking, flying skeletons. Typically their eyeballs have rotted out, and they usually replace them with a glass or gemstone sphere. They have a very dark energy, and are willing to grant selfish requests. They typically work with darker forces as well, including death magick, blood magick, and general necromancy. It is common to find Bone Dragons with an entourage of spirits, since they connect very well with the dead. Bone dragons make great companions but they often crave for a close connection. 



Each of these dragons pulls their energy from chaos, some use it to bring more chaos and some use it to create order. Chaos and order do not necessarily equate to bad and good, chaos is merely chaos, and sometimes is necessary to bring change, whereas order clarifies and negates chaos, and allows things to resume functioning with order, routine, and a pattern. 
While you do not have to be an experienced chaos magickian to properly understand and work with these entities, you do need to understand those basic principals above, and you need an open mind, as looking through the world through a lense of chaos energy can cause your views to warp quite a bit. Not necessarily in a negative way, either. 
So arranged from WA to DA, here are the four Chaos Dragon species we are offering. 
Prism Dragon
A very hard WA dragon, Prism dragons are so named because we cannot visually comprehend their actual appearance, and they appear to be constantly emitting and radiating light much in the way a crystalline prism would do. The light splits off into colored rays, some single colors, some multiple, some even rainbows. It is hard to discern their form but you can request that they "turn down" their energy emissions and then you can see, they are smooth-skinned western-style dragons. 
These dragons are very unique, drawing their energy from chaos, but transmuting it into order. Positive chaos energy is truly unique. When you are exposed to it, which will happen just by them being present, it causes hyperactivity, at first, and a difficult time focusing. If you do not harness the energy at all, your mind will simply go faster, and faster, until you either fall asleep, or lose concentration and break meditation. Now, you might hear that and think, why would anyone want that? Simple. Because with training, you can learn to work with the energy, channel and focus it, and keep yourself in a sustained state of hyper-productivity, bringing inspiration and motivation in waves that you can ride out for days or weeks at a time. 
These dragons, as stated, use their abilities to create order. Aside from what gifts they can give you personally, they can also work on some basic tasks, such as bringing a chaotic situation to resolution, or helping you create a new routine or pattern in your life. If you are someone who loves order and predictability, they can very much help keep your life in order. 
Opal Dragon
Opal Dragons are also named for their appearance, or lack thereof. They do not actively emit light or energy, but they are still so chaotic in essence that we cannot really comprehend or assign a color to them. So, they look very similar to an opal. Semi translucent, with flashes of different colors that are quite spectacular. Opal dragons are also white arts, but less so than Prism dragons, they are very easy to get along with and very middle of the road, they are not too exacting and will not shame you if you accidentally make a selfish request, however they will not honor it. 
Opal dragons are similar to Prisms in how their energy can effect you, however it is a much less intense effect. Since the energy comes out more slowly, it will take time to build up in your system. This will mean you will be hit with sudden bursts of inspiration or productivity, simply by having them around. If you meditate with them daily and focus on taking in their energy, you can infuse it into yourself so as to create a constant state of mild productivity, without having to worry about the challenge of a Prism dragon's intensity, and without having to worry as much about prolonged hyperactivity and lack of focus. Also, Opal dragons' slower energy infusion puts less mental strain on you, whereas a Prism dragon is really quite jarring to the average non-chaote. 
Aside from those benefits, Opal dragons can also handle small requests. They, too, focus on creating order, but they will at times invite chaos if they see that it needs to happen. For example, a situation that has stagnated for a very long time may need sheer chaos to break things up, or a situation which is potentially harmful if left alone could use chaos to distract those involved from that issue long enough for it to be resolved, at least partially. These are great partner dragons, and very versatile. 
Fissure Dragon
Fissure dragons were also named for their appearance. Unlike with light chaos energy, dark chaos energy does take a very physical and easy to see form. Fissure dragons have dark scales that look like cracked rock, and in between those cracks, energy seeps out, like a wicked glow. The color of this glow can change depending on many factors. Fissure dragons do emit energy, a slightly dark chaos energy. They are DA, but on the lighter side of the spectrum. They do not like to harm others, but recognize sometimes it must happen whether in defense of self and loved ones, or in a situation where that person would otherwise cause harm to masses. 
Dark chaos energy is every bit as intense as the light kind, but the effects are massively different. Dark chaos energy focuses more on absolutes than inspiration. It is much more about learning to accept what already is, than creating what you want. Although this energy can certainly be used to do that, pure chaos is unpredictable, such is it's nature. So, you must use considerable caution when attempting to harness their energy. If you absorb it enough, you will notice at first a feeling of hyperactivity, but soon a feeling of immense calm. It is odd how it works, but you simply come to realize that some things are, and some things aren't- and you feel happy enough with that. It is in a sense, a form of enlightenment through darkness. 
These dragons can do tasks too, and will be willing to attempt to set change upon various situations. Do not ever incite chaos when there are people with mental instability in the mix. Chaos, as I mentioned, is unpredictable and if those people are at any risk to harm themselves or others in their normal state, introducing chaos energy can be the tipping point. You must exercise caution with what you ask these dragons to do. They will not harm or attack people merely because you ask them to, there must be a reason, or evidence that that person needs to be stopped. They make outstanding companions and guides around the astral chaos realms. 
Senseless Dragon
The only dragon not named for its appearance here, senseless dragons are quite interesting. You can look upon them and see them, rugged scales, dark coloration, eyes with a bright glow of energy, but when they move their form shifts, to smooth, glasslike, or sometimes transparent with just a shadow of energy visible. They are beautiful to behold, and truly a treat to be around. They are quite old, and very wise, especially if you are following a chaotic path, they can be great mentors. They are the darkest of these dragons, but even so do not believe in meaningless death. Rather, they see everything as a balance, which must be kept in check. 
So, what was the senseless dragon named for? Quite simply, what happens when you are around them. I call it drowning sleep. Their energy is intoxicating. First it comes upon you as a haze, a sort of high. Your mind becomes fuzzy, and you have a hard time concentrating. Then you begin falling deeper into meditation than you ever have before- You lose all sense of time, space, even your physical sense of being can slip away. Your mind is empty, quiet, you are there, and all that is is chaos, void, pure energy, pure thought, and yet, you aren't thinking of anything. It is so restful, and so deep, you always end up falling asleep at this point. And when you wake, you are cleansed.. It feels as if you have broken through water, and gasped your first breath of air, filling your lungs with new life. 
It is either a curse or a blessing, but much like with the prism dragon, with care you can train yourself to tolerate this intensity, and use that extremely deep meditative state to train your brain, astral project, or do anything you'd like, really. 
Of course, they can perform tasks as well. Being that they see the world as a balance which they have a hand in keeping, please exercise caution in asking them to do things. They can introduct intense chaos energy to environments, so all the warnings advised in the Fissure dragon's description apply here as well. If you asked them to harm someone, they most likely would not do it, however if in the grand scheme of things, harming them would aide in keeping balance, it may end up happening in a way you do not expect. 



Void dragons are a special type of dragon comprised of void energy. This is important because void energy is a very different energy than most people are used to. In fact, it is the opposite. Void consumes, negates, nullifies, and in its own way can enhance various workings. 
Void dragons, though often benevolent in nature, are dangerous simply because of the very nature of what they are. They cannot become too close to something for fear of accidentally feeding off your energy, and harming you in the process. However despite this they very much desire companionship- at least the ones I am working with. That said, if you wish to own a Void Dragon you must be willing to follow very strict rules. 
Your Void dragon must feed. Whether you allow the dragon to retreat to its home realm to feed, or give it a target to feed from (they can feed from negative energy, and more), they must feed. This is for your safety, otherwise you will essentially be keeping an energetic sinkhole in your room while you sleep and that is not good for you. 
While in the astral, please do not attempt to physically interact with your void dragon unless it has just recently fed, or you are protected, but preferably don't do it at all unless they say it is alright. Even if no harm will come to you, they will recoil from touch as they are still scared to hurt you, and it will spook them if you try to pet them or hug them without saying something first. 
Please do not take the risk of owning a void dragon if you have any infants in your home.
With those rules out of the way let me tell you a little more about these dragons. They would be an absolute boon to a dark or black magick practitioner. Their ability to harvest and siphon energy can be fantastic for gathering energy with different flavors- sadness, anger, happiness, anything you request them to gather, and this can all be put forth in your spellwork. Void dragons themselves can greatly enhance work with death energy and essences, any necromantic work and of course any magick directed to do away with anything (or anyone, for that matter). 
Keeping in mind that void dragons are usually benevolent, they also so desire companionship and acceptance that they may do things even if they disagree with them. For this reason if I don't suspect you can handle the responsibility I will not sell to you. 
Void dragons become very protective of those that tend them and when confronted with a threat to that person they can be downright fierce. Set firm house rules and make sure the dragon knows them. This is essential to dealing with any dark spirit especially potentially volatile ones. 
With all that said, they are truly wonderful partners, great for conversation even in passing. I consider myself blessed to have found these dragons and they are so sweet in demeanor. It pains me they are cursed to be unable to get truly close with their loved ones. They must always watch from afar. I hope I can place some in loving and responsible homes with keepers who will not fear and disrespect them, but rather give them a bit of solace and happiness in their perilously long and lonesome existences. 


Demon Dragons, the hellish counterpart to the many white arts dragons I offer, are fearsome, gruesome, often they show mutations they have grafted onto themselves over time to make themselves look more intimidating and show their resistance to pain. Many horns, extra limbs, double sets of wings, multiple sets of eyes, all these are not uncommon on demon dragons. Their appearances vary greatly and you will receive a detailed description of the appearance of your dragon. So what exactly is a demon dragon? In the simplest terms the name refers to a Hellborn dragon- these dragons, however, can be quite different from actual dragon realm dragons if the first paragraph wasn't enough. Fierce, powerful, majestic creatures wielding intense knowledge of all the dark and black arcane arts. These are not for a beginner whatsoever and you will need intense personal control to make sure you do not accidentally send them, in a fit of emotional turmoil, to do something you do not actually want done. Their morals are worlds away from ours and they take requests seriously. I want to make sure there are no illusions about these dragons. While they are smart, and wonderful companions with many skills they can share they are very dark and very volatile. Have firm house rules and discuss thoroughly what you are and are not okay with. As far as talents go, the sheer power and ferocity of these dragons is their foremost attribute. They can add immense amounts of energy to any darker magickal working, and indeed can carry out many darker tasks swiftly and accurately. They have no qualms about working with things such as necromancy, conjuring of hellborn creatures and beings, death magick, death energy and essence, energy siphoning, energy stealing, greed based magick and requests... Nothing is off limits with them. Beware karmic kickback if you tell them to do harmful things to others! They do not accept karma for actions taken on your behalf, so should anything happen the weight is on your shoulders and some things cannot be undone. If you are at all interested in the Hell realms these dragons make excellent guides, and by all means you can have one as a companion and never request that they do anything other than show you around and speak with you- they'd like that perfectly well. But should you choose to make frequent requests, they will likely want offerings as compensation. What each dragon likes is specific to them, but they commonly accept red meat (raw, or rare), real precious metals and gems, sex or sexual energy offerings, and bones or bone charms. If you order a demon dragon please send me a message telling me how dark you are ok with them being and what specifically you are looking for. There are many demon dragons, but even the lightest, I'd wager, is at least as dark or darker than a black dragon.

Origin Dragon - Origin Dragons handle creation. No, they aren't gods. Creation of new energy, new movement, new opportunities, and yes sometimes they do guide new life to be formed in certain ways. They see the beginning of all things, and can bring forth great new opportunities for their keeper. Their appearance is very simple, and they are actually wingless. They also live much longer than many other dragon races, so their name also references the fact that they are much like original dragons­ before they evolved and split off into individual races. As such they can be expected to have quirky traits that may not always follow what we consider to be logic. They are very hard white arts, truly white arts, which is rare. They are pacifists, and were on the edge of extinction before various species, usually elves and fae, took up protecting them. They are referred to as Origin Priests and Priestesses. Every origin dragon comes with a priest or priestess, otherwise they have no means to defend themselves. Origin dragons have a very pure, healing presence. Their energy, by its very nature, can help heal, although it is not their specialty. They will never grant any request that is not wholly pure and selfless. They do speak, but they have trouble with some english words. Anyone working white arts magicks would find them to be an invaluable companion. They can assist you in any form of creation magick... from creating literal life or servitors, to creating new opportunities or new friendships. The priest or priestess that comes with them will have basic details included in the info file you receive, however their primary purpose is to defend the origin dragon they are bonded with, so please respect that.

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