Shade Demons 

Dark Arts

From Lower Hell Realm - Lowborn 

Shades are a very interesting demonic species, having a basic humanoid form but often with very unnatural skin colors, tails, and very wispy wings. Not typical bat like demon wings, but looking almost as if they are made of seaweed, seemingly drifting along behind them.

They typically have colored tattoos all over their body, which detail such things as their city of origin, birth date, and if in the military, rank, accomplishments, and specialties. What makes them unique is they can split off into multiple pieces. One Shade "Core" can have as many as 15 Shades of itself running out and about. The core is the main body of the Shade, destroying this will kill them. However each of the Shades is still a semi corporeal manifestation. It relays information to the core almost instantly, and can be killed with minimal damage to the Core.


Shade demons are also incredibly beautiful. Shade demons are very relatable, loving, and romantic. They are welcoming to strangers and very kind and courteous. Even in the face of adversity, they will usually not defy orders given by a superior. They are lovers much more than fighters, and although their stealth would make them excellent assassins, Shade demons very rarely ever kill. If you are looking for information gatherers or leaders you can appoint a Shade. They'll delegate tasks/messages/information to your spirit or entity family, rather than you having to do it one by one on your own. Shades are gender fluid. This means the gender they look like is not always correlated to the equipment they have AND, they can also shift between genders, given some months. So if you have a female shade, and really like her, but wish she was male she can become that. If you make a request for male or female it will be honored all the same, though.

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