Shade Angels 

Grey Arts to Dark Arts 

From Lower Hell Realms - Lowborn 

These Angels are the offspring of Fallen or Lowborn Angels and Shade Demons. Like Shades, they can create copies of themselves that can move independently and relay back information. They make exceptional messengers, managers, and intel gatherers. The copies (Or 'Shades') are able to be destroyed with no consequence to the entity themselves. This makes them very good at evasive combat maneuvers as well. Most Shade Demons are pacifist, or nearly so, and the Angels that loved them were equally as pure of heart. These Shade Angels are uniquely talented, with all the light and healing power of an Angel, and all the cleverness and quick thinking of a Shade Demon. They live among Lower Realm Demons, Abyssal Demons, and many other species. 

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