Reiki Dragons 

White Arts Only 

From a Very High up separate Reiki Dragon Realm 

These dragons are be called Reiki Dragons by their draconic peers, because they practice reiki. To understand what a reiki dragon is, first you must have a basic understanding of what reiki itself is. To explain in the simplest terms possible, reiki is energy healing, but anyone who has had a reiki treatment knows that it is, in practice, much more than that. Reiki energy is pure, bright, white, healing, and energizing. It cleanses you, and helps your body to heal more efficiently. It comes directly from source­ not a source, a god or goddess, a spirit, source­ THE source. It is intelligent, and goes where it is needed. These dragons are white arts and inherently very kind, they are healers among their people and ours, and have no jealousy, scorn, or any negative trace about them. They are truly beautiful creatures, who, much like reiki itself, draw their origins from the source. They make stunning partners, whether you're in need of healing or a provider of healing yourself, and they can broaden your horizons, gifting you with reiki energy of such intensity it truly blows you away.

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