Psionic Dragons 

Grey Arts to Dark Arts 

From Mid-Range to Lower Draconic Realms 

Dragons that wield energy as if it were physical, shifting it around their bodies and between their hands like it was floating water, they have achieved true mastery over energy. They are all linked to a seemingly endless energy source in their realm, and they emit energy that you can feel and absorb just by being around them. It is common for them to use this energy as an aura to calm the people around them and make them more cooperative as well. Psionic Dragons typically know many spells, and they are fantastic companions for anyone who frequently uses energy themselves- whether for magick, shielding, or just playing around. Psionic dragons are also master crafters with energy and they can make clothes, armor, and very complex weapons out of energy, which you can then use in the Astral Realm with your Astral Body. 

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