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I made these tiny bottles as offerings for my fae, and decided to make a couple extras for others to enjoy as well! I hang mine above my fae altar, but you can wear yours as a pendant, hang on/around your altar, in your vehicle, or wherever you’d like! 

These would also make a wonderful vessel for any fae! They’re teeny tiny and super cute. I currently have two available and each one is a little bit different. Please note that I have glued these closed to seal them. Each comes with a dainty 18” long stainless steel cable chain. 

Option 1:
Alfalfa for “grass”, organic heather, jasmine, lavender sprigs, blue cornflower, hibiscus, and red rose petals. This bottle also includes two glass beads or “faerie balls”. 

Option 2:
Organic heather, blue cornflower, lavender sprigs, jasmine, and red rose petals. This bottle includes two glass beads or “faerie balls” and comes with a dainty 18” stainless steel cable chain. 

These are made of glass so please be mindful of this! 

Bottle measurements:
Height 25mm, Width 20mm, Thickness 20mm. Capacity approximately 2ml.

Tiny Fairy Terrarium Charm Bottles