--When you purchase this listing, you will receive a 6 page PDF file with instructions for your MCS--

---You MUST have a vessel in order to use your MCS---

Once you have chosen a vessel to bind your MCS to, please get the image to us and let us know you want your MCS bound to it! 


After years in development and testing, finally I am ready to debut to you my Master Vessel solution- the Master Core Suite. Of course, this astral utility will allow you to manage all of your bindings and consolidate them, but it will also do so, so much more! 

Below are a smattering of the functions your MCS will offer you, each of which is described in detail in the documentation you will receive when you purchase this listing. 


Master Vessel Functions

Consolidate your bindings
Copy and transfer bindings from one vessel to another

'Retune' and Repair bindings, optimizing them to fit any changes in your energy over time

Elemental Cleansing and Energy Shots

Infinite Realm Creation both Private/Personal and Public/Astral

Psychic Sense Enhancement Spells

Out of Body "Push" (Intended to help separate your consciousness from your physical body to aid in astral projection, don't worry there is a return function too!) 


Protection and Assistance Functions

Adaptive Shielding (for combat)

Elemental Shielding (for day to day energy filtration and hex blocking)

-Below functions best benefit APers-

Escape Route (astrally teleports you out of danger)

Realm Info Database Access

Teleportation and Teleportation Chip generation

Entity and Energy Realtime Analysis

Adaptive Combat

Living Weapons and Armor On Demand



Whether you are just getting started and you want the edge in protection, or you have been doing this a while and you want to make your time in the astral easier, you'll find something in the MCS for you! Your MCS is not simply a construct, either- It is a fully featured Created Being with intelligence and the ability to learn and grow! Functions will always be tested and improved over time, and all future updates will be included by default. 

Please note that the MCS is primarily tested on Aurora Magick bindings, so it is not officially endorsed to try to use your MCS on any binding work not done by Aurora Magick. If you do so, you do so at your own risk. 

The Master Core Suite (Master Vessel)

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