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Blood of Isis ~ Raw Garnet ~ Vampire Offering!

I will include a stainless steel crystal cage pendant so you can wear these or hang them up if you'd like. This will be included by default unless you leave a note saying you don't need one! Thanks!

I worked with my Matron Goddess Isis on these raw garnet stones for the New Moon in Gemini. They have two sides so they serve more than one purpose. They have been enchanted to help you boost your healing abilities, magickal workings, and ability to connect with the feminine divine. They have also been infused with a magickal “blood essence” and make phenomenal offerings for vampires. Mine have been going nuts for them. The amount of energy around them is insane. When I was taking pictures of the stones, the facial recognition on my camera was picking up multiple “faces” in every pic! 

These are multipurpose and help you with your workings and make awesome treats for your vamps. You can use them however you'd like! 

These stones exude feminine divine energy. Isis is a very loving motherly goddess. She is gentle and kind. Warm and loving. She is the very first Goddess that I ever worked with and I think of her as my mother. She’s been extremely supportive of me throughout my journey and I’m so blessed to know her. I just wanted to do something with her to share with others who might be interested in working with her.

Vampire Offering ~ Blessed By Isis