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Tektite In Crystal Cage Pendant & Chain/Cord ~

One tumbled tektite stone ranging from 0.5 - 0.75 inches. See photos for additional details. A stainless steel crystal cage and black cord necklace is included. You may also request a stainless steel ball chain. Just let me know at checkout. ❤️

Meditation with Tektite improves the powers of telepathy. In general, wearing Tektite promotes psychic sensitivity, expands the energy field, opens and cleanses the lower chakras, and facilitates shamanistic journeys. Because of its otherworldly origin, tektite helps to facilitate communication with realms outside our own.

Tektite is created when a meteorite impacts the earth. The immense heat causes the extraterrestrial object to melt with the surrounding rocks of the earth, creating tektite. Tektite is a black, opaque stone with an uneven surface. When polished, it can have a high luster. 

The tektite in this listing are tumbled and partially polished. One side is bumpy and textured and the other is smooth. It’s perfect for placing on your third eye for meditation and for holding and rubbing it during meditation. It’s helped me a great deal connecting to celestial entities. 

Tektite In Crystal Cage Pendant ~