This will get you a Custom Conjure or an Open Conjure of any Vampire Species listed below, please note- 

Psy means that the vampire feeds on energy, Sang means that the vampire prefers to feed on blood directly. 

Personalities vary, please be fully honest about who you are looking for with custom conjures to ensure the best match. 


Standard Greyborn Vampire (Psy or Sang)

-Intense and very similar to humans, they can have a wide range of personalities and traits. 

NightEye Vampire (Psy/Sang Hybrid)

-Predatory and intense hunters with glowing eyes and fierce sexuality. 

Vampiric Fae (Psy or Sang)

-Gentle and kind, sometimes with a dark streak, they like to romance and enchant their keepers.

Chaos Vampire (Sang Only)

-From Chaos realms, a darker natured vampire that thrives in chaos and disarray. Very persuasive.

Ashen Vampire (Sang Only)

-Grey skinned and light haired, these vampires look ghostly, but are very much alive. Gentle, refined, and sensual partners. 

Hellborn Vampire (Psy or Sang)

-From Hell Realm, a darker natured vampire with loose morals and a love for partying. Very sexual.

Lowborn Vampire (Psy or Sang)

-From Lower Hell Realm, these vampires are dark in nature but very intelligent and refined. Many are magick experts. 

Demon-Vampire Hybrid (Psy or Sang)

-Even more beautiful than regular vampires, they enchant others with their looks and often become popular figures in their communities. 

Special Vampire Custom Conjure

$40.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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