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Note: There are only 5 slots so that I can avoid taking on too much work. In the future, these species will be available on the shop normally, so please don't feel upset if you miss out this time around- You will certainly have another chance in the future! 


This year for Halloween we have some extra special spooky species debuts! This is the first time these species have been listed on my shop so I am excited to see peoples feedback on them! 
This listing will be similar to my Keyword Reverse Adoption listings, with the exception that it is limited to the species listed here. You can choose which species you want, note your preferences on gender, and you may also note if you want the being to be sexual or not. In addition to that, you may supply three keywords to describe roughly what you are looking for from your new partner. 


Some example keywords... 


"Sensual - Relaxing - Healing" "Foresight - Scholar - Spellcraft" 

I could go on and on! 

While you may supply as much information as you feel is necessary to convey what you mean, please keep in mind that this is a Reverse Adoption, not a custom conjure. 


Now lets get to the species themselves... 


Bone Fox - Dark Arts 
Bone Foxes are similar to Soul Foxes in size and build, though they tend to have darker fur colors usually with a black or dark grey base color. They commonly wear the bones of their ancestors, sometimes they may craft the bones into a bejeweled accessory, other times it may be simply strung on some cord. This gesture is seen as a way for them to honor their past and bring their family with them into the future. 
Bone Foxes are intensely loyal and protective companions, really proactive with defense and extremely sneaky, seeming to be able to disappear entirely into shadows. Their cute and fluffy appearance hides a massive inner strength and ferocity that gives them the ability to chase away any ghosts or goblins that cause trouble for you. They make great guardians and protectors, especially for young folks/beings in your care. Once bonded to someone, they will follow them through eternity- it is likely they will protect your entire bloodline, or perhaps you as you continue through your next life.


Small Spiderlings - Dark Arts 

Spiderlings are an adorable, tiny Arachne-type creature, with a spider-like lower body and a humanoid upper body. They are never more than 1ft tall, and they make super cute companions! They like to set up protective perimeter 'webs' to keep out intruders and filter out negative energy before it can make its way to you. Their spellcasting abilities are limited, but their sweetness and dedication are not. 

More companions than anything else, they make a great addition to your protective team if you have one. They are not super talkative, but they love to watch over their keepers and they also love to perch on peoples shoulders. 


Phantom Demons - Dark Arts 

Phantom Demons are Demonic beings with an ethereal appearance, as though their flesh is somewhat translucent and you can see their bones and energy flow inside of them. These Demons have a strong connection to Spirit work such as channeling, and they are excellent at working with Death magick. They also have a great talent for divination. They tend to be very introspective and intellectual, often throwing themselves into studies for the entirety of their youth. They spend a lot of time just thinking about things, and are the type of being to appreciate art and literature. 

Phantom Demons would be well suited for people who want to explore their past life connections, or for people who want to make some sort of contact with those who have passed on. They make great listeners, and they offer superb advice. They have a very calm and even temperament, so they are well suited even for novice Demon keepers. 


Abyssal Demon-Dragon Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Though this is not entirely a 'new' species, this is a variant on the normal Demon-Dragon Hybrids already available on my shop. Humanoids with features of both Dragons and Demons, their wings tend to be large and scaly rather than smooth and leathery. With bigger horns, Dragon-esque tails, and a powerful magickal punch these beings are well suited for anyone looking for a dedicated protector who is also sometimes interested in intimate pursuits. As is usually the case, the more time I have spent working with these beings, the more I have discovered about them. Initially I believed that such Hybridization was rare, but I have continued to discover more and more small pockets of these beings existing on the fringes of other societies. 

Now, I have found a variant which traces their Demonic lineage back to Abyssal Demons. Many of my customers like the low frequency energy presence Abyssals have, so I wanted to share this with you at a special price to celebrate Halloween! 

Special Halloween Reverse Adoption