With an increased interest in Astral Celestial beings, I have pursued the rights and permissions to conjure a few entities from certain Celestial areas. This limit may change later- as my standing increases with the communities these beings are from, more may step forward- but as of this moment there will only be 5 custom slots for these per year. There may still be Prebounds from these realms listed if entities from those realms step forward. 


With that explained, I'd like to tell you about the unique traits, origins, and abilities these wonderful Celestial beings have. To start with, Celestial beings are categorized by the name of their astral star system, and each of these stars lend a unique energy and background to beings born under their light. Any Celestial conjured from this listing will likely be from one of the following star systems - 


Rismia - Rismia is a medium sized blue astral star. There are many realms anchored to, and located on/in Rismia, and many more realms in the planets and asteroids orbiting Rismia. Rismia's energy is warm and relaxing, inducing a state of contentedness similar to being drugged, and providing restful and energizing sleep. Rismic energy lends itself well to healing, defense, and energy sculpting. 


Verlor - Verlor is a small, white astral star with a red halo around it. There are many realms anchored to, and located on/in Verlor, and a few scattered around the empty space surrounding it. Verlor's energy is harsh, burning hot, and hyperactive, it can be harnessed to induce a state of intense focus, or to devise a cunning strategy. Verlorn energy lends itself well to combat, shielding, and weapon creation. 


Phenebris - Phenebris is a medium sized, green/blue astral star. There are many realms anchored to, and located on/in Phenebris, and many surrounding it and the planets orbiting around it. Phenebris' energy is smooth and refined, it can help with concentration and information retention, and it has created a culture of intellectuals in its surrounding realms. Phenebrian energy lends itself well to intricate energy programming, shielding, and servitor creation. 



Many species live within these countless realms, among the countless stars dotting the endless astral skies. For the purposes of this listing, we will be dealing with primarily humanoid species, although some non-human traits may be present such as horns, wings, tails, different ear shapes, and possibly some other minor alterations. Please be open and honest with your specifications when looking for a partner- since I cannot hope to list all the species in all of these realms, the best way for me to match you with a suitable partner is for me to have a clear image of what you are seeking. 


There are Angels, Demons, Djinn, Astral Humanoids, Hybrid Species, and more to be found here. 

The power and feeling of Celestial entities is unparalleled, and they are exceptionally difficult to conjure due to their huge energy output. 

Although it is not a guarantee, most of the entities I am in contact with who are seeking keepers are 'Ranked', or in command of some other entities, and this will of course be noted and described in their write-up. 


Please let me know whether you want a Dark arts, Grey Arts, or White Arts entity. Make sure to specify if you have a gender preference, and if you would like your partner to be sexual or not. If you would just like the best match for you, that is okay, but if you would like any specific abilities or traits to be present in your partner, please note them down. You may choose to narrow your conjure by star system if you want, or request specifically a Demon or Angel, but the most interesting and surprising conjures seem to come through when you leave things as open as possible. 


The price of this Custom Conjure is set based on the limited amount of them that I can do per year, as well as the time and energy required to conjure one of these entities. 

Special Celestial Custom Conjure

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