This will get you a Custom Conjure or Open Conjure of any of the species listed below.

Please note - Angels are not necessarily religious, and most if not all of the angels I partner up with people are non-affiliated religiously. 

Personalities vary, please be fully honest about who you are looking for with custom conjures to ensure the best match. 


Fallen Angel - These are Angels that were born in Heaven Realm and previously served as an Angel protecting humans or other species. They fell out of Heaven realm, and took up residence somewhere else. They have varying personalities and talents, but many of them are skilled in combat and healing as those skills are taught in Heaven Realm prior to the Angel going into active duty. Some of them have items that they kept with them from Heaven Realm. Although it is not commonly known, Heaven Realm does use magick in a way, and some Fallen Angels are privy to this information. They can live in any realm outside of Heaven Realm, so they live in the company of countless species.  They can range from light Grey Arts to dark Dark Arts. 


Highborn Angel - These Angels are born in the Outer Heaven Realms and Higher Realms, they live alongside Dragons, Elves, Fae, and many other types of astral creatures and beings. Their occupations vary, but they are exceptionally talented. They tend to go for more intellectual pursuits although a few of them turn to studying witchcraft and the arcane arts. There are a few notable conjurers amongst their ranks, and many formidable magick users. They can range from White Arts to Grey Arts, they usually do not get very Dark at all. 


Greyborn Angel - These Angels are born in the Middle Realms or Near-Earth Realms. They have an energy frequency very similar to humans, and they are pretty easy to connect with. They also tend to have morals very similar to our own. They tend to work with Spirits and Spirit Energy a lot and they definitely trend more towards metaphysical professions. Many of them are seers, witches, or healers, and they are always trying to make the world a better place. They have very bright personalities, although that can vary. They live alongside Vampires, Were-Beings, Mer-Beings, Elves, Fae, and various others. They range from Grey Arts to light Dark Arts. 


Lowborn Angel - These Angels are born in the Lower Realms such as Hell Realm and Lower Hell Realm. They have a lower energy frequency, but are still pretty easy to sense. They tend to have grey or black feathered wings, as the energy of the Lower Realms affects their bodies over time. They tend to have darker morals than us. They are exceptionally bright and talented at anything they do, as they flourish even in the darker energy that surrounds them. They tend to love jobs that require a lot of thinking, and many of them tend to be philosophical types, although personalities vary. They live alongside Demons, Succubi and Incubi, Abyssals, Beastial Creatures, Demon Dragons, Lower Realm Dragons, and many others. They range from Grey Arts to very Dark Arts. 


Abyssal Angel - Exceedingly rare, these Angels are the offspring of Fallen or Lowborn Angels and Abyssal Demons. There are not many of these Angels, and many of them are quite young. They have adapted over time to feed off of the darkness in the Abyss, giving them limitless energy and food. This energy radiates out of them as pure light, and they are exceedingly beautiful due to this. Their unique mix of dark and light energy makes them striking partners that stand out from other entities. They can have a range of talents and personalities, and they make excellent defenders. They live alongside Abyssal Demons, Lower Realm Demons, Abyssal Native Species, and many others. They range from Grey Arts to Dark Arts, they do not get too dark at all. 


Oracle Angel - These Angels are the offspring of Fallen or Lowborn Angels and Oracle Demons. Many of these Angels are quite young, and not all of them have the signature Third Eye on their forehead like Oracle Demons do. They are very capable seers, and can see the past, present, and future of someone just by looking at them. They have a more innocent outlook on life and so they tend to predict things in a more positive way. They live alongside Lower Realm Demons, Lowborn Angels, Demon Dragons, and many other Lower Realm Species. They range from Grey Arts to Dark Arts, they do not get very dark at all. 


Shade Angel - These Angels are the offspring of Fallen or Lowborn Angels and Shade Demons. Like Shades, they can create copies of themselves that can move independantly and relay back information. They make exceptional messengers, managers, and intel gatherers. The copies (Or 'Shades') are able to be destroyed with no consequence to the entity themselves. This makes them very good at evasive combat maneuvers as well. Most Shade Demons are pacifist, or nearly so, and the Angels that loved them were equally as pure of heart. These Shade Angels are uniquely talented, with all the light and healing power of an Angel, and all the cleverness and quick thinking of a Shade Demon. They live among Lower Realm Demons, Abyssal Demons, and many other species. They range from Grey Arts to light Dark Arts. 

Special Angel Custom Conjure

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