Soul Weavers are fascinating, awe-inspiring companions that I am so proud to be able to offer to all of you! 

Soul Weavers are a special class of being, within this class there are many different species, specializations, and types of arts. You can find a Soul Weaver to fit almost anyone, and their deeply empathic, understanding natures make them very easy to bond with. 


Soul Weavers are so-called because they weave strands of energy, Soul energy, together. These threads are spun inside of their body, and while creating the thread they can imbue it with energy and programming to enhance the eventual spellwork or creation that the thread is used for. Although they create it in long, thin strands, the concentrated Soul energy that they produce can be compressed into bricks, spheres, be absorbed, or be transmuted into any other vital astral material. They are fantastic at spellwork, using their skilled fingers to arrange the strands of fate in such a way as to bring about your requested outcome, or deftly weaving a spell to create the destiny you wish for. Their expertise ranges from light to dark, with Soul Weavers being born in Middle Realms and Lower Hell Realms particularly, although there may be exceptions. 


Soul Weavers typically appear as wholly human, but this is actually a type of shifting that they use to conceal their true appearance. In their nature form, Soul Weavers have six arms and six hands, with elongated fingers and pointy, needle-tipped nails. These adaptations allow them to skillfully handle strands of any kind of energy, even concentrated Soul energy. 


As always, it is best if you are honest when it comes to what you are looking for in a partner. Soul Weavers tend to be older, wiser, calmer, and focused on pursuits related to intelligence and learning. They are great partners for witches, or for anyone needing some assistance with spellwork. They can also help out in creation of astral tools, like energetic binding ribbon or rope with spells affixed into the threads that compose it. 

Soul Weaver Custom Conjure

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