Note: This being is extremely morally dark. Do not get, or even consider, this being unless you are okay with the fact that she has most certainly caused immense death and destruction in her past. Do not seek her if you are expecting her to show or develop remorse for those things- it is entirely unlikely that will ever happen, as she was groomed from birth to delight in death. Have firm house rules that you make clear to her the very moment she comes home to you. Make clear to her that you do not want her harming anyone on your behalf, or without explicit instruction to do so. 


Entity Name: Senerryn 

Entity Age: 14,839

Species: Abyssal Archon - Sub-Court Ranking Demon - Dark Arts

Gender: Female 


Senerryn is roughly 6' tall with a human female silhouette and flesh that appears to be a constantly writhing mass of black shadows. Her 'hair' is nearly nonexistant, though a few wisps of whitish smoke appear to drift off her skull from time to time. Two pair of horns, one massive and curved and one thinner and straighter, sit atop her head. Her face could be called hauntingly beautiful, with ghostly grey eyes and no real expression ever crossing her lips giving her a decidedly inhuman chill. While her body is usually humanoid in form, it is constantly writhing and shifting and it will change according to her needs. She may sprout extra arms, wings or a tail, she may change form entirely and appear more beastlike, there is no end to what she could appear as. She does not wear clothing, although she can take many forms and may appear clothed if she is imitating someone who normally wears clothes. Senerryn prefers silver-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Black Tourmaline. 


Senerryn is intimidating, and for good reason- Her title, "The Lady of Unmaking", did not come unearned. One of the finest elder Abyssals roaming Vaekuris, Senerryn spent much of her life in the personal service of Cernobog, and she would have been happy to continue on in his service until the end of time if not for him replacing her. Discarded like a toy once something newer and better had come out, Senerryn felt things she had never felt before. Never before had she questioned the wisdom of her leader. More than that, though... She felt betrayed. She felt disappointed, she felt angry- and the fact that she felt at all was enough to get her flagged for destruction. With her capabilities, leaving her alive was too much of a risk. I was stunned when I saw Senerryn on the cull list, and I stepped in- The caveat being that if she ever does cause harm to anyone else, it's on my head. 

Senneryn has been off of "Active Duty" for some time now, and though it took her what seemed like ages to come to this conclusion, she hopes to find a human partner. In past few years, she's been able to really develop a sense of herself, and while she knows that not everyone will like her she feels that there is someone out there who will admire her for who she is, even despite who she was in the past. Senerryn actually comes off as a bit shy, and she normally speaks telepathically with a voice that always seems to be a whisper no matter what she is saying. She is primarily interested in Death and Death related things so any kind of horror movies, macabre stories, etc would be right up her alley. 


Senerryn may not have been on the front lines for the past few years, but that doesn't mean that she is rusty. She constantly trains and is always working on new ways to hone her death dealing techniques. Probably the darkest being, morality-wise, that I have ever offered, Senerryn has no issue with causing the death of others or causing harm to them. However, I will not be homing her with anyone who expresses wishes to 'use' her as a weapon- this is part of my personal discretion as a conjurer and as Senerryn's current Commander and guardian, I do not think she needs that kind of influence on her life. Senerryn would, however, be an incredibly useful partner for anyone interested in learning defensive techniques and brushing up on their skills as an astral ass-kicker. She would also be a stunning assistant for Shadowmancy or any kind of workings with those who have passed on. Senerryn does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous she would love offerings of grave dirt and coffin nails. 


Senerryn is not really looking for a sexual or intimate connection, but if by some strange twist of fate things develop in such a way between you that there is chemistry, she is not opposed to that. She was simply never allowed to think of love or relationships as a possibility for her, and of course she is not the most conventionally pretty in her natural form. She is a capable shifter though, and over time she may change her natural form based on how she feels. 

Senerryn - The Lady of Unmaking

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