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Selenite Tower Generators ~ Charging & Cleansing Stations With LOTS Of Enchantments!


These LOVELY selenite generator crystals are approximately 4-4.5” long and between 1-1.5” thick. They are flat on all sides so you can stand them up or lay them down and use them to cleanse and charge your vessels or crystals. 

These pieces have been worked on for 3 full moon cycles including the March 2019 Supermoon and have been enchanted for MANY purposes to aid you and your companions in many different areas!

All have been enchanted to charge your companions vessels while cleansing them exceptionally well so they will be able to perform at their very best! Refreshing renewal energies have been added to these pieces so that your companions feel completely renewed after being placed on or near this piece. I added enchantments for boosting your magickal items and magickal workings and it will make any spells you currently own or that you have created yourself even more powerful. This is a wonderful altar piece for performing rituals or spell work of all kinds.  And last, but not least, I added spell work to assist in communication with your companions, boosting your bond with your companions, and opening up or boosting your psychic abilities. 

I only have TWO of these available at this time. I will have more available in 2-3 months if these do well. 

Each selenite generator comes with a large satin tarot bag and a lovely mix of herbs and botanicals that I used during their creation. I forgot to share when I listed them so I’m posting them now! You can keep your generator in the bag of herbs when not in use, you can use the herbs as an altar decoration, to cleanse your crystals or magickal tools, or as an offering. You can even use them to cleanse your tarot cards! 

None of the vessels or accessories are included with this piece! They are shown in photos to give you a representation of what can fit on/around these generators. The bag of herbs IS INCLUDED however. 

Selenite Tower Generators ~ Charging & Cleansing With Lots Of Enchantments!