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Large Aqua Entity Offering Jar ~ Sea Witch Altar Decor 

This is a large 8 ounce glass jar with flip top lid filled with various layers of wonderful ocean related ingredients. It can be used as an offering for any water elemental entities or deities or to attract these entities into your life. It can be placed on your altar to represent the water element or used as a decorative piece. You can pour this mix into a bowl or dish and display it that way if you’d like, or you can use it in your magical workings. There are so many different ways to use it. 

I initially created one of these for myself to offer to my mermaids, water serpents, undines, siren, and water elemental djinn, but also to use as an offering for Aphrodite and Leviathan. I was told by my companions to make another to share with others so I did as instructed lol. They absolutely go nuts for this offering and have been extremely pleased with it so they wanted me to “pass it on to others”. If I need to make more of these for others to experience with their water entities I would be happy to. It’s been a huge hit and I would love for others to see their companions as happy as I’ve seen mine! 

It’s made up of:
Pure white gulf coast beach sand
Blue glass orbs 
Titanium coated quartz 
A huge variety of Gulf Coast sea shells 
Sea salt 
Organic green sea weed (dried)
Organic Black Nori flakes 
Sand dollar 

I decided against adding any oils to this blend as I was going for a completely organic offering with this one and wanted it to be as close to their natural environment as possible. It still smells lovely, but is a light subtle “beach in a jar” fragrance and smells completely natural. 

Sea Witch Altar Decor ~ Entity Offering