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Sea Witch Altar Box Set

This is a lovely Sea Witch altar box set. It would make a lovely gift for any water witch as well! It contains lots of goodies for sea magick or water magick. It also makes the perfect offering for any water entities/spirits and includes items coveted by mermaids, sirens, undines, nymphs, selkies, and more! 

This set includes:
* Wooden Hinged Sea Shell Box (measures 4 x 4 x 3”)
* 1.5 Oz jar of Aqua Bloom enchanted herbal blend 
* Wooden scoop
* 2 x white tea light candles 
* 2 x small blue glass orbs
* 2 x cobalt blue tumbled sea glass
* Himalayan & sea salt - 5ml glass bottle 
* Black salt - 5ml glass bottle 
* Tiny seashells & sea glass - 5ml glass bottle 
* Aquamarine, fluorite, moonstone - 5ml glass bottle 
* Gulf Coast white beach sand - 5ml glass bottle 
* Beautiful Babylon Japonica Shell - drilled with stainless steel wire bail on jute twine cord (to hang on your altar or wherever you’d like!) 
* Green abalone shell 
* Palo Santo stick 
* Selenite stick
* Raw rose quartz 
* Raw fluorite 
* Skeletal amethyst 
* Small raw aquamarine 
* Small clear quartz point

Sea Witch Altar Box Set