Saurian's are a species that lives on the Astral in a Middle Realm relatively far from Earth. These entities look like dinosaurs from millions of years ago, and can be found coexisting in a way that would certainly never happen in nature, as dinos from all different time periods are living together in unity. Originating from the Earthen Realm, once Dinosaurs died and their spirits were released, some of them wandered into the astral realms. Those spirits blended with the energies and dna of existing astral creatures, and this species was born. Through millions of years, they have evolved to become quite an interesting species. 


Although their default form is that of various Dinosaurs, one Saurian can not switch between different Dino species, they are only able to take one form of one species and it will look the same every time. That said, they can shift from the dino form to a more humanoid form, wherein they look like humans, but have slightly scaly skin, usually the same color as their dino form's skin. They also have tails that look similar to that of their dino form, and usually feet and claws/hands that look similar to their dino form. 


Saurians have become surprisingly technologically advanced living in the astral, and they spend a lot of their time in their humanoid form. They live in towns, have stores and markets, have currency, their society is altogether not very different from our own. 

However, just like us, they pursued technology instead of magick, so many of them do not have the interest in spellcasting and those that do have the interest are still not usually as well versed in it as other species might be. 


Saurians do make great companions however, and if you are interested in it, they may be willing to have a sexual relationship as well. They're great to talk to, discuss current events with, listen to your problems and offer input, they're basically very good friends. On top of it all, in their dino form, they make a great astral defense- they can't shield you or anything, but should anything try to attack you, they sure can bite the heck out if it. 

Saurian Entity Custom Conjure

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