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Sand Dollars Enchanted For Growth & Transformation ~ 

Sand Dollars are the stars of the ocean. They are fragile yet strong, they endure endless storms at sea and hold powerful vibrations. Sand dollars feature a 5 pointed star (pentagram). In numerology 5 is the number of growth, progress, transformation and change. 

I have enchanted these beautiful ethically obtained sand dollars from the Gulf Coast shores to assist you with spiritual growth and transformation. These were enchanted during the New Moon in Gemini on June 3, 2019. Each one is different but measure between 1” and 2”. 

I wanted to make these simple and affordable. They’re fragile so I didn’t want to encourage people to wear them as they could break. These are perfect for your altar or nightstand. 

Some cultures say that the sand dollar represents coins lost by mermaids or lost civilization of Atlantis. They are now surfacing to our awareness to bring knowledge and wisdom of lost civilizations to help us with our spiritual evolution. 

Sand Dollars represent:
Awareness, Balance, Divine energy, transformation, wisdom, hidden meanings, aid in seeking wholeness and protecting emotions.

These are fragile, so please keep this in mind! Keep it on your nightstand or altar to enjoy its effects. 

Sand Dollars Enchanted For Growth & Transformation