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Dark Harvest ~ Fall Themed Offering Blend

This is a magickally infused botanical & herbal blend created for fall. It has many uses and is amazing! It comes in an organza bag (color may vary) that measures 4” x 6” and a silver tone key charm.  

Dark Harvest Offering Blend can be used in many different ways:

* Use as an offering for spirits, entities, ancestors, Gods & Goddesses all throughout the season. 
* Decorate your altar!
* Use in your magickal creations as a powerful spell ingredient. (Spell sachets, bottle spells, candle magick, etc.)
* Dress your spell or ritual candles in oil and then roll them in the herbs OR sprinkle some on top of a jar candle before burning. 
* Place inside your companions charging boxes. 
* Place some in a box along with selenite and quartz to recharge and cleanse your crystals, stones, or magickal tools while infusing them with magick. 

Ingredients Include:
Putka Pods
Cinnamon Sticks
Black Mallow
Pumpkin Seeds
Rose petals
And more!!!!

Dark Harvest ~ Multipurpose Offering Blend