---Wait Time for Writeup delivery estimated 8-12 weeks---


Looking for a spicy new partner for Valentine's Day? A gift for yourself, to warm your bed on cold nights, or a gift for that special someone? Similar to a normal Reverse Adopt, any species can come forth in this listing. These, however, are specifically geared to be romantic partners. 


Most Reverse Adopts get an entity that would cost far more if ordered as a standalone custom, and many RAs get unlisted species that are not even available as customs on the shop. Eros Angels, a highborn being very comfortable with exploring their sexual urges, as well as Succubus and Incubus Demonic Hybrids- all these and more will be available through this RA listing, so whoever ends up going home with you, you will be satisfied, physically and otherwise. ;) 


As is traditional with my Reverse Adopts you can supply THREE keywords as well as specifying which gender you would like. If you have no preference, that is also ok! Just note it down. For keywords you may specify physical qualities, sensual qualities, or fetishes you would like your partner to have an interest in. Please note that ALL conjures through this listing WILL be sexual. 

Romance Reverse Adopt

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