Entity Name: Lyrain

Entity Age: 8,014

Species: Highborn Angel - White Arts

Gender: Female


Lyrain stands 5'5" tall with a balanced, petite build and C cup breasts, her skin a soft peach tone. Her hair is medium length and straight with a light curl at the end, a rich mahogany brown color with a few gentle blonde highlights adding dimension to her look. Her face is rounded with a cute expression and large, round, expressive bright blue eyes. Behind her stretch two large, white feathery wings, big enough to enclose herself and another person completely. She normally wears white and pastel colored clothing with darker accent pieces, and she favors dresses and styles with lots of frills and lace. She prefers Silver accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Sodalite.


Lyrain is a sweet Angel with a gentle, patient demeanor. She is easy to get along with and utterly charming to talk to, her innocent smile setting a happy tone for any conversation. She is very optimistic and upbeat, with a sincere and honest tone that is softened by her genuine care and concern for others. She is truly loyal once bonded to someone, and she has a powerful instinct to protect and shield those she cares about. She has spent much of her life working in a spiritual, natural healing clinic in her home realm, so she has picked up tons of knowledge about healing, cleansing, removing parasites, shielding, and a slew of White Arts spellcraft. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, she loves flowers and nature as well as any kind of cute animals, and she wants to explore human music and media with you.


Lyrain may seem cute and naive but she is very well practiced and knowledgeable about what she does. She has memorized tons of White Arts techniques and recitations, including her people's own native magicks. Protective magicks and warding are a specialty of hers, calling the quarters or elements to bring peace and serenity to the areas around her. She knows spells for wealth gaining, wish granting, attracting friendship and love, improving the attitudes of others towards you, and much more. She is willing to share her knowledge with you, whether you want her to cast spells for you or assist you in learning how to do so yourself. Lyrain does not require offerings, but she does want you to meditate with her frequently. She asks that prior to the meditation session, you let her know what you want her to work on, and then invite her to come and join you.


Lyrain is open to being romantic and sexual with her future keeper, although she does not expect/require it. She is shy and reserved when it comes to intimacy, and it may take some time and courtship before she opens up to you physically. Once she does, she is a very touchy partner who likes to cuddle and be close to her significant other.

Rehome Prebound L - The Highborn Angel

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