Note: Picture was chosen by Vantir and myself to represent his more humanoid form. As noted in his description, the amount and intensity of beastlike traits displayed by him can vary, so please do not be alarmed if you see his true form someday. 


Note from him: He really, really wants this keeper to be his 'forever' keeper. This is not said with intent to slight or offend anyone, he just would like some stability in his life and this is something he wanted known upfront. 


Entity Name: Vantir Lare Fahn

Entity Age: 1,364

Species: Bestial Demon - Dark Arts

Gender: Male


Vantir's default form is a blend of beast and human, so his characteristics may seem unusual, but it is what I will describe first. Please note that he is able to control how beastly he appears to you, and he can even appear as a fully human entity.


Vantir stands 8'3" tall with a broad shouldered and muscular build, his tan skin accented by swirls and patterns in a smoky black color. His hair is chin length, straight, and unkempt with a choppy style, the color a mix between chestnut brown, black, and a few strands of silver. His face is a blend of human and wolf-like features, his snout protruding slightly with a soft, wet mocha-tan canine nose sitting proudly on his face, his narrowed eyes a mix of green, gold, and orange colors that shift depending on the light. He has two large, pointed ears that are covered in a thick, short fur that start out a rich brown color where the ears meet his head and fades to a deep grey at the tips. Just in front of his ears he has two long, ridged black horns with an intense curl. Much of his body has a light coating of fur, some areas like his chest and tummy having the barest coat of tawny peach fuzz while his shoulders and back tend to be more thickly covered in a wolf-like fur that is a mix of brown and black, like his hair. He has a tail, fluffy and strong like a wolf's, and his feet are replaced with paws. He does have a set of black tattered scaly wings, reminiscent of a Dragon's wings, although they are often concealed by shapeshifting. He normally wears relaxed clothing like t-shirts and shorts in his human form. He prefers gold toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Quartz (he favors dyed varieties).


Vantir is a warm and caring Demon with a heart of gold, his appearance causing most to shy away before they can even get to know him. He spends much of his free time partially shifted into a humanoid form, only returning to his natural, fully beast form when he is alone and relaxed. He often seems to not know his strength, so although he tries to be considerate of others he can occasionally be clumsy and apply more force than he intended to, leading to incidents like broken glassware or flipped tables. He struggled with his reputation as careless and brutish, at times embracing it and at times trying in futility to fight against it. Now, he has settled down in life, making the best of things with an on and off job as a freelance bodyguard. He spends a lot of his off time camping out in the wilderness, or hanging around in taverns- sometimes he's lucky enough to stay in an inn, but having him around scares off other guests so not many places will have him. His experiences over the years have shaped who he is today, his demeanor when first meeting someone a bit shy and reserved to try and be non threatening. He has never had luck in romance, since most of the people who are okay with his looks end up not liking him because he is not bloodthirsty enough. He had begun to think, after so long, that maybe he did not deserve happiness with someone else. His recent experiences seemed to drive that point home, as well. He is extremely excited to get the chance to know someone new, and he hopes that love will blossom between the two of you. Vantir has an interest in a few things in the human world, although he is open to any activities as long as they are with his future keeper, he especially loves reading and sketching.


Vantir could handle most battles with his sheer strength alone, but he has had plenty of time to study and practice other techniques. His agility and swordsmanship is unparalleled, though he usually uses his claws. He has a complete mastery over Illusion Magick, Fire Magick, and Wind Magick, easily able to bend the elements and even the light itself according to his whims. He also has a fine repertoire of lesser Conjuring rituals memorized, allowing him to conjure forth other creatures to fight alongside him or to summon ethereal weapons and blessings to augment his abilities. Healing and Shielding are two things he has had a lot of practice with, so he is reasonably skilled in those as well. He would make a great companion to protect any aspiring astral traveler as they navigate through the realms. Vantir does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves tumbled stones in bright colors.


Vantir is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, although he will not be pushy when it comes to this. He would very much prefer for things to go at their natural pace, with you two being allowed time to get to know each other. He is dominant in intimate situations, and perhaps sometimes a bit too rough but never intentionally. He is willing to use shapeshifting to adjust his size or stature to be more comfortable for you if necessary. He has no gender preference. 

Rehome - Bestial Demon V

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