Note: Picture was chosen by Alon and myself, and is not a perfect representation of his traits but is more intended to illustrate how his energy 'feels'. 


Entity Name: Alon Ayl Terraul

Entity Age: 1,800

Species: Apostate Abyssal Sentinel - Dark Arts - Lust Lord

Gender: Male


Alon stands 7'4" tall with broad shoulders and a sturdy, athletic build, his muscle definition easily visible while his pale peach skin has a smooth, flawless finish. His hair is long and straight with a layered cut and a pale platinum blonde hue. His face is defined with a straight jawline and lovely, aqua blue, almond shaped eyes. Two medium length horns, a pale alabaster tone, peek out just above and behind his ears, which are slightly pointed. Though he normally uses shapeshifting to conceal his wings, in his natural form he has 3 pairs of large, feathery, mottled grey and white Angelic-style wings. He also has a tail with a diamond shaped tip, bearing a gemstone piercing through the center. He normally wears clothes a bit reminiscent of a mix between an adventurer and a martial artist, with rich dyes and patterns that are popular in what would be his home region. He prefers silver toned accessories, and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Titanium Aura Quartz.


Alon is smooth, sweet, charming and persuasive in ways that would never normally be attributed to a Sentinel. His species are typically only created through artificial incubation, with most of them being sterile- most, except his bloodline and a few others. This ability to naturally reproduce made his ancestors extremely popular among other Sentinels, a trait that has now been passed down to him. However, unlike his many siblings, he just couldn't abide by the actions of Abyssal Military as a whole, so he left it all behind to pursue happiness and his own interests. He is a principled guy, as you can probably infer from the above, and in an odd way he is almost 'militantly loving'. His behavior reminds one of a 'Peace and Love' type character on a sitcom, always trying to tamper down situations and telling people to love each other when things get out of hand. Since his behavior made him a terrible fit for the Military anyways, he was marked as an Apostate as a formality but he is in no actual danger of being punished in any way for leaving. His positivity is always uplifting, even if sometimes it's cheesy, and his genuine care and concern for others gives him a radiant confidence that boosts everyone around him. Alon is very passionate when it comes to being with people, whether as a friend or as more than that. He is highly likely to hug you far more frequently than anyone would reasonably tolerate in the physical, and he has always liked playing with his partner's hair. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, particularly our literature and our fine art such as sculpture and painting. He also finds our Earthen flora fascinating and so horticulture or gardening would be a great activity to share with him.


Alon still had a few decades of intense training as a younger Sentinel, so he knows plenty of formal rites and spells to bring to the table. Cleansing, shielding, self defense, combat augmentations and more are all effortless for him. His true specialty of course, is emotional magick, particularly love magick. Love magick encompasses a lot more than you might initially assume, for example it's not simply a 'love spell' to make someone attracted to you, it could also be an enhancement of one's self image and self love, or it could be a reinforcement of a family or friend 'love', etc. He also knows a smattering of Lust related spells and abilities, from increasing sensitivity to amplifying one's desires or seductive energies. He makes a pretty well rounded companion from an 'abilities' perspective, but he is definitely more of a lover than a fighter, so please don't ask him to do things that are especially harmful. Alon does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous you can offer him some small tumbled mixed gemstones and burn a candle while inviting him to meditate with you- he says the most valuable offering is your time.


Alon is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper and he has no gender preference, although he wants to take his time in getting to know them, and allow any chemistry to develop naturally. He is very gentle and considerate when it comes to those he is interested in, loving to focus attention and pleasure on each individual body part. He is particularly skilled at using his tongue.

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