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Large Raw Herkimer Diamonds ~ Boost Your Clair Senses! 

These Herkimer Diamonds are straight from the mines and are considered “imperfect” for jewelry making, but SO perfect for meditation!! Larger Herkimer diamonds like these are becoming more rare. They are far more rare than the tiny Herkimer diamonds. These are NOT flawless stones, but as you can see in the photos, each has gorgeous rainbows, etchings, bubbles, flaws, and they are brilliant record keepers! Each one is super unique and has tons of character. I have one of these I work with daily and I love it! 

I only have two of these beauties available. One is a medium size and is approximately 3/4” long. The other is larger size and is over 1” long. **Please see photos for additional size details.**

I decided to add them to these stainless steel wire cages so that you can wear them on a cord or necklace if you’d like when meditating or working with them. You can always take them out and use them however you’d like! I just wanted to create a way that you can keep them safe and not lose them in bed, as I have myself with mine before, which led to a panic, as these are not inexpensive stones lol. 

These were enchanted during this months New Moon in Gemini (June 2019) and I’ve added several layers of spell work for you to dive into! They will help you with raising your vibration, strengthening and/or developing your Clair-Senses, and assisting your with developing or strengthening your telepathy. 

If you would like a chain or a cord necklace with these please let me know and I would be happy to include one with your purchase at no additional cost! 

Care & Cleansing: 
I would recommend cleansing this pendant with selenite, kyanite, and/or smoke (smudging). You can leave it on a windowsill during the New Moon & Full Moon to empower and recharge it as well!

Large Raw Herkimer Diamonds ~ Boost Your Clair Senses!