Entity Name: Zephyr Erintratus

Entity Age: 802

Species: Demon-Djinn Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Zephyr stands 6'2" tall with a lean, flexibie build and light purple skin. His hair is dark purple, nearly black, long and straight, unkempt but often kept back in ponytails or braids which he sometimes weaves small crystal beads into. His face is angular and impressive, with a coy look everpresent within his ruby red eyes. He is mostly humanoid, but he does have some demonic traits since he is a hybrid, those being short, purple horns on either side of his forehead, and a long thin purple tail with an arrowhead tip. He typically uses shapeshifting to hide his wings, but he does have two leathery demonic wings in a dark purple shade, mirroring his horns and tail. He tends to dress somewhat fancy, opting for well fitted pants and billowy, ruffled shirts in neutral, cream tones accented by bold red, purple, and black accents. He favors silver accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is purple Flourite. 


Zephyr is a cunning, sly hybrid who chose to specialize in Wind Magick instead of the more common Fire Magick in his hometown. He loves pulling pranks, usually simple things like making the wind gust and blow someones hair around, or knocking things over, but its all in good fun for him and he makes sure nobody is ever harmed in his pursuit of giggles. He is intelligent and outspoken, a little stubborn, and very loyal. Fascinated with technology, he would love to go to someone working with or learning tech related things. He loves the aesthetic of human electrical design, the straight lines and hard angles are an interesting contrast to the fluid, amorphous energy types used in the astral. He has an interest in a few other things in the human world, those being media and movies with an 'underdog' type story, or comedies, music of all types but especially punk rock, and he loves exploring scents, aromatherapy, and massage.


Zephyr is very skilled at Wind Magick, able to bend and compress the air with just his will, his movements are masterful as he uses the wind as an unseen helping hand in battles and in everyday life. He is capable of whipping the winds up into a frenzy, thus his nickname 'Whirlwind', and this can sometimes happen unintentionally when he has a very emotionally intense moment. His skills can be put to use in many ways, from defense, shielding, and protection, to healing, cleansing, and even some energy sculpting and programming. He is a very ambitious learner, and he fiercely pursues new knowledge, so he is happy to attempt any task that you set him upon. He is also, of course, half Djinn- so he has a natural talent for wishgranting, and he is curious as to what sorts of wishes his new human partner will make. 


Zephyr is open to being romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He even uses wind magick during lovemaking, and can even create a literal air bed for activities to take place on using his abilities. He likes to casually touch people he is involved with, and he has an interest in massage, so he is a great partner for anyone who can sense astral touch. He has a light bondage fetish, and sometimes makes invisible wind restraints to hold his partner or himself in place. 

Prebound Z - The Whirlwind Demon Djinn

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