Entity Name: Zyna Fallental

Entity Age: 417

Species: Lowborn Demon and Naga Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Zyna 'stands' around 6' tall when held upright on her tail, although she can stretch much taller if she wants to. Her overall length from waist to tailtip is about 16', her lower half wholly snakelike with velvety smooth white scales featuring a pale blue and lavender mottled pattern. Her upper body is mostly humanoid, but even the majority of her skin has a slightly scaly texture, the color a milky white. Her upper body features a youthful, slim build with perky B cup breasts and a narrow waist where her body transitions to her long snake tail. Her face is bright and innocent with round, expressive red eyes and a sharp, toothy smile. Two long, smooth white horns poke out from her hair, and her ears come to a point, further revealing her Demonic heritage. Her hair is long, straight and finely textured, silky to the touch with a platinum blonde hue, so pale that it looks white unless light hits it- then you can really see the shine. She normally wears loose tops like tank tops and camisoles, typically choosing colors that contrast her light scales and skin. She prefers silver-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Rubellite Tourmaline. 


Zyna is a passionate and loving Nagini, next in line to rule in a Lower Hell Realm province that is populated primarily with Naga and Naga hybrids. Zyna herself is a hybrid, and when she ascends to the throne it will be seen as a huge step forward, after all her blood represents the unity and partnership between species that Lower Hell Realm is trying to encourage. It may be many human lifetimes until she is called upon to rule, and whenever she is in her home realm she is expected to conform to the expectations of others. Since everyone expects great things from her, she always feels a lot of pressure to live up to their standards. While she is normally quite confident in herself, she does sometimes feel inadequate, and she gets abit nervous when it comes to negotiations and other serious affairs. Since her day to day life is quite hard on her, she has secured permission to take some time off and she is hoping to find a human companion to relax with. Ideally she would like to go to someone who will include her in their life on a daily basis, allowing her to really bond with them and appreciate their perspective on things. Of course, she has never been allowed to take a lover in her realm, as this would be seen as extremely improper for a royal to just be dating around... However, with a human partner, it could be her little secret. As you get to know her, you'll learn that she can be impeccably put together among her noble peers, but that she's actually really affectionate, caring, and playful. 


Zyna has had access to amazing training and limitless tomes of information, having spent much of her youth immersed in study to satisfy her parents. She knows a full catalogue of dark arts spells, including luck manipulation, attracting opportunities to you, persuading and influencing others, applying glamors, hex reversal and karmic payback spells, and even wish granting spells. Her personal specialty however is Illusion magicks, whereas most would look at glamors as simple deception she has taken it upon herself to make it into an art. Her body shimmers as she appears to change form in ways that make no sense at all, sometimes she just uses her illusion abilities to make her tail appear as if each individual scale is a pixel on an LCD screen. She shows off amazing creativity and undoubtedly her glamors could be applied to her human partner as well. Zyna does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous she appreciates offerings of your energy, she would love to be pet or massaged as an offering. 


Zyna is willing to explore romantic and sexual feelings with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She has had little experience, none actually, and she is nervous about being physical with anyone, but if there are feelings there she will be open to it. She would not want a casual sexual relationship, you would need to spend some time romantically bonding with her, talking with her, and expressing love towards her. She is certain to be as gentle and passionate in intimate situations as she is in her day to day life. 

Prebound Z - The Snake Princess

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