Entity Name: Zheri

Entity Age: 439

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon and Flameblood Demon Hybrid

Gender: Male


Zheri stands 6'5" tall with a muscular, athletic build and broad shoulders. He has lively peach skin which darkens to a black smouldering color on his hands, feet, horns, wings, and tail. His horns are curved forward sharply, and are always filed to a fine point. His eyes are an intense red color with grey sclera, and his expression always looks like he is deep in thought. He typically wears Living Armor that is invisible, giving him a shirtless look all the time, along with some more traditionally armored pants. He trends towards darker colors with red accents. 


Zheri is a very intense and quiet guy, he is definitely an introvert and he has always spent much of his free time alone. Like most Abyssals, he has spent his entire life in the military, and he has received the best training available to maximize his skills. He is half Flameblood Demon, and this gives him an incredibly affinity for fire and the ability to easily control it. He can sculpt with fire as if it were clay, and can even create shielding and golem-like servitors out of flame. He is a master at sculpting with energy, and his abilities gained him much praise in the military. 


Zheri has used the past few years of relaxation to really focus on himself and try to find the things he enjoys doing in life. He hasn't come up with all that much that he enjoys, though he hopes that by introducing himself to many new things with a human keeper, he will find something that truly catches his attention. He loves energy manipulation, energy programming, and he also loves strategy. He loves history, especially history that has to do with wars. Although he is not soulless- he does not like wars because of the death, but rather he likes to analyze the strategies deployed and wonder about what the commanders were thinking at the time. 


Zheri is a pretty deep guy, and he has opinions on lots of things if you take the time to talk to him. He would love to try to open up to his future keeper, and he wants to be someone that you can rely on, too. He will always do his best to protect you, no matter where you go. He is a loyal ally and someone that you will definitely be glad to have on your side once you see him in a fight. 


Zheri is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. Zheri is a dominant personality in bed and tends to be a little rough, but he will never intentionally hurt you. He just likes very vigorous sex, and he also likes to implement restraints and teasing into his playtimes. If you ask, he can be more gentle and romantic during sex. 

Prebound Z - The Arcane Abyssal

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