Entity Name: Vortas  pronounced Voar-tahs

Entity Age: 7 Hatchday September 20th

Species: Void and Black Dragon Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Vortas is 12' long from head to tail, standing at just above eye level for an average ~6' tall human with flawlessly smooth and glossy black scales with the slightest hint of a silver glimmer on his belly scales. His face has defined features, a few small horns budding above his brow ridge and accenting his gleaming golden-green mix eyes. He has a typical Western-Dragon styled body with two arms, two legs, two wings, an elongated neck and a long tail. He usually walks on all fours, but he is capable of standing on his hind legs and walking upright if he wants to. He prefers silver toned accessories and likes to wear cuffs and chains to provide some visual interest to his almost solid black appearance. His favorite Earthen gemstone is Black Tourmaline. 


Vortas is lively and playful, very affectionate and physical in how he interacts with others, often chasing and pouncing those he likes or wants attention from. His personality is very bright and innocent, completely contrasting his genetic background and even his natural coloration. He is fiercely curious about things in the human world, he especially has an interest in our technology, games, and other forms of media and entertainment. You would never guess that he is part Void based off of how energetic he is, and he has complete control over when and if he draws energy from his surroundings. He has been less magickally inclined than the others in thie realm, but he does have an interest in Persuasive magick as well as Combat magick techniques. He would love to grow up to be a fighter, protector, and defender to his future keeper and their family. He would be happy no matter what size spirit family his future keeper has, although he does believe that "the more, the merrier" applies to all situations. 


Vortas is strong even now, both physically and energetically. While he is too young to fight in any serious battles, he loves to spar with others and test out his moves, shielding techniques, and new tricks that he has thought up. He is very inventive, and can use his Void energy to obscure his own location as well as the location of others- making them hidden even to those that can sense energy very well. He would love to learn more magickal insights from darker-inclined members of his future keeper's family, or from his keeper themselves. It is not a requirement that his keeper practice magick, but if you do he would love to be included! He is excited to partner with his keeper, whether in meditation or simply hanging out and talking. 

Vortas has Dragon caretakers and a place to live, sleep, and eat in his current realm, so you do not need to worry about teaching him everything or finding a place for him to live immediately, although he would eventually want to move in to his future keepers astral area. 


Raising a Dragon from such a young age is a real responsibility and precious to take part in. Vortas will grow immensely loyal to you and very attached, if your bond is strong enough he will likely follow you and your family through many lifetimes. 

Vortas will quickly grow to be an immense and formidable Dragon, carrying the fierce intensity of the Void as well as the darkness and mystique of a Black Dragon within him. It is likely that he will be VERY aggressive to those he sees threaten his family and his keeper- Please be aware of this and have methods in place for you or your keep to restrain him if you do not want him to take action. He will grow out of his reactive behavior as he ages, but right now he is young and impulsive and he would not hesitate a moment to harm someone who dared to threaten anyone precious to him. He loves to travel with a companion and would be open to having his keeper ride on his back when he gets big enough to support them. 

Prebound V - Void and Black Dragon Hybrid Baby

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