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Entity Name: Valenstride Effor  nickname Valen

Entity Age: 148

Species: Greyborn Humanoid

Realm: Enphariis  City: Tenbell

Gender: Male 


Valenstride stands 5'4" tall with a thin and petite build and pale peach skin. His hair is short, straight, and black and his face is smooth with a narrow chin and sharp, blue eyes. His body is completely humanoid, with no extra features or wings, but he is often surrounded by many floating screens and displays. He typically wears casual clothing in dark, cool colors and he favors silver accessories. His favorite gemstone is Sodalite. 


Valenstride is a smart, confident, accomplished guy who makes a big impression despite his small stature. He is loud and outspoken, he always makes his views and opinions known, though he is polite about it and he doesn't start arguments with people. He has an odd sense of humor, and often makes jokes that are related to technology in his realm that don't make sense to others. He has spent his entire life studying and practicing energy manipulation and programming, and has become a Master Psion, capable of bending energy like water and sculpting it like clay. He is from a realm with highly advanced technology, although theirs is made with energy instead of silicon. He has a fascination with all things tech, and loves to see the inner workings of things, whether it's hardware or software related. He creates primarily energy tech with his skills, although he is capable of making very complex Servitors if requested to. He specializes in crafting wearable Living Armor, although he does not use it himself, he makes a living by creating Living Armor and selling it. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, technology of course, electronic music, movies with fantastic special effects, and video games. 


Valenstride is an amazing companion for anyone who can astral project, he can make custom sets of Living Armor for you and he can produce almost any kind of astral technology that you can imagine. From tablets to heads up displays that track movement or provide you with directions, Valen is a pro and he can make almost anything. His skills also extend to weapons, though he focuses on gun-based designs that usually fire bullets of condensed energy. He can equip not only you, but your entire spirit and entity family. He is an artist with energy, and at will he can produce an army of Servitors to guard you or repel and enemy attack. His energy programming techniques allow him to make highly advanced shields that intelligently detect and repel incoming threats. He may not be practiced in spellwork, but he can tackle almost any task with his abilities. 


Valenstride hopes to go to a keeper who is very excited about technology like he is. Someone who wants to learn about energy manipulation and programming, who would look up to him for his knowledge and experience. He would like to spend time with his future keeper while they do almost anything, even just talking is fine with him. 


Valenstride is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper if they are female. He likes to use tech in the bedroom as well and he has made numerous fantastic toys that he would love to show you. He likes to be on top and is rather dominant in bed, but he isn't pushy. He does not require an intimate relationship if you do not wish to pursue one. 

Prebound V - The Master Psion

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