Entity Name: Van Forian

Entity Age: 817

Species:  Lowborn Bestial Demon - Octopus Variant - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Van stands 6'3" tall with a slightly athletic, toned body and a smooth pale peach skintone that slowly fades down to a deep inky black color at his feet. His hair is medium length and straight, with a rich grape color and lavender highlights, accenting his form as it drapes around him. His face is slim with high cheekbones and narrow eyes with a vibrant magenta pink hue, his smirk hinting that he knows more than he lets on. His body is mostly humanoid, indeed he does not even have horns, wings, or a tail, but you will notice when you are around him that he can bring forth countless tentacles at a whim. These tentacles are long and octopus-like with a black and purple theme, and they can disappear as quickly as he called them into being. Often, these shifts are so quick you will wonder if you really saw what you thought you did- a tentacle placing a cup down for him on a table as he uses his hands to brush your hair behind your ear, or a slight pinch on the rear when you know for certain that his hands are safely around your waist. He normally wears loose, flowing robes that allow him to hide these tentacles and the places where they emerge from his body. Van prefers silver toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Blue Lace Agate. 


Van has a charming personality, even though he is more beast than man. His strength and fierocity are everpresent, the knowledge that with a moment's effort he could subdue and devour you in every conceivable way adds a dangerous thrill to being his partner. He isn't much for fighting, though, in fact he much prefers pleasing people with his extra limbs- if you are up for that. He is intelligent and refined, well spoken and educated, with manners that would allow him to fit in with any crowd. He loves to read, drink tea or wine, and he would always be up for joining you to partake in a fantastic story, whether that is in book, movie, or game form. He is a very touchy being and if you give him permission to do so, he will caress you gently and hold you close as often as he is able. Van is up for spending time with his future keeper while they do anything, but he does have a particular interest in the oceans of our world and he finds them fascinating so perhaps things related to that would be a good place to start. 


Van is formidable in a fight, when push comes to shove he is capable of sheer destruction on a surprisingly massive scale. No being can match his speed, and with effectively unlimited arms to pin someone down any opponent will find it hard to get a single hit in. His tentacles are shockingly strong, and when he truly starts to unleash his power you might find that he looks a bit more Demonic. His hair will darken and flow out behind him, his tentacles will unfurl and if he's lucky he might even get a crack of thunder for atmosphere. He can be an absolute terror, he could bring ruin to entire cities and perhaps whole realms- but he chooses not to. He hopes to go to someone who, like him, will learn to embrace their dark side and master it, without giving in to dark desires and whims. Van does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous he would love aquatic-themed trinkets. 


Van is open to romance and intimacy with his future keeper, though he will not force this on anyone and he is fine with taking things as slow as you need to. The sheer intensity of pleasure you will feel with him is likely to be unmatched by any being. Each of his tentacles is lined with round suction cups that can gently kiss, pinch, and suckle various places on your body. Of course, even when it comes to things like a massage, these extra limbs can come in very, very handy. 

Prebound V - The Many-Limbed Lover

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