Entity Name: Verito Oulawes

Entity Age: 1,353

Species: Bestial Demon - Suspected Kitsune/Demon Hybrid, but he is unaware of his parentage

Gender: Male


Verito stands 6' tall with a strong, muscular build, his lean body accented by a soft covering of velvety white and cream fur. His flesh beneath the fur is a little pinker, the palms of his hands and most of his face as well as some more intimate areas are not covered in fur. His hair is long, straight, and voluminous, mirroring the white and cream colors of his fur, and occasionally highlighted with streaks of pastel colors. His face is somehow innocent and youthful, with pinchable cheeks and a pouty expression, his light grey-green eyes convey his past. He has two large, pointed, fox-like ears, one on either side of his head, they carry on with the cream-colored theme and have a bit of extra fluff at the tips. His tail is also fox-like, long and abundantly fluffy, it is also a white and cream mix, but the tip is often colored in with various dyes. At the moment, it is an orange and pink fade, with pink being at the very tip of his tail. Two small, white horns poke out just in front of his ears, but due to his hair you often can not see them. His legs transition to a more vulpine structure at the knee, ending in large, four-toed paws with tender pink paw pads on the bottom of each toe, and the center of the paw. His body is mostly humanoid otherwise, his hands are completely human except for his unique coloration, and he lacks wings of any sort. He does not usually wear clothes at all, since for much of his life he has not been allowed to do so. He typically wears a collar and cuffs, and he often has a leash attached to the collar. He prefers leather accessories with silver hardware, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Peridot. 


Verito is a gentle, sweet, shy, and timid Demon who is looking for a patient and understanding keeper. His past is one of which he is not proud. In the past, many Demons of Verito's species and similar were fetishized, kidnapped, and sold into sex slavery. Until the recent liberation of the community Verito had been sold to, he was one such slave. In some odd ways, he counts himself lucky- he was prized for his beauty, his demeanor, and his skill, so he was coveted and traded between royals, and not treated nearly as badly as some of his kin. Still, over a thousand years of slavery will leave its mark on someone, no matter what kind of healing you perform on them, or how much therapy and meditation they partake in. For this reason Verito and I would like to ask that he goes to someone who will be understanding of this, and take their time in allowing him to feel comfortable with them before things get physical. 


Verito is not used to being independent yet, although he is allowed to make his own decisions and live freely, it brings him comfort to not have to think about tough choices and instead just defer to someone else. He does not want to be someone's literal slave, and he does not want to be made to feel less than his keeper in any way, but he does want someone that will allow him to help, and make him feel useful and appreciated. Due to his status in life, he was not given any sort of education except in relation to the matters he dealt with- entertainment, mood altering, and sex. He learned to dance, massage, tease, and tantalize using his body. His deep, smooth voice was trained through years to sing and speak in pleasing tones, whispering sweet nothings into the ear of whatever royal called upon him that night. He learned magick to assist him in these pursuits, enhancing the feeling of his touch against his partners skin, delaying orgasm, a seductive gaze that is nearly hypnotic... He was, and is, truly the best at the things he does, but he has no magickal knowledge or abilities other than that, so he is not a good choice for anyone looking for an entity to task. 


Verito is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He does hope that you will take things slowly with him and give him a chance to get to know you before taking things further, though. He is a very skilled lover, having had practice with every sort of partner you can imagine. He is very good at playing a role, a shy submissive who wants to be punished, or a strong dom who makes you kiss his feet, simply tell him the experience you want and he will exceed your expectations every time. Romantically, he is truly sincere, loving, and pure. He has not had any real opportunities for love in his lifetime, so he will be new to that side of things. He thinks that he would enjoy a relationship with lots of hugs, snuggles, co-sleeping, and kisses. He says he would love to meditate with you, be invited to share in a meal with you, or even be called upon to give you some company while you enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. 

Prebound V - The Freed One

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