Entity Name: Visha 

Entity Age: 14

Species: Foxling - Greyborn - Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Visha stands 4'2" tall with a pear-shaped body, slim arms and thicker thighs and hips and small, A-cup breasts, her skin a light mix of tan and peach. Her hair is medium length, hanging around her shoulders with a deep red-brown hue, mostly straight with light curls at the end. Her face is small and narrow, a tiny button nose and pointed chin accenting her overly-large, round bright green eyes. Two exceptionally large tawny-brown and white fox ears set atop her head, swiveling to better hear her surroundings as her oversized, ultra-fluffy tail waves idly behind her. She normally wears fitted clothes, simple designs with lace and frill accents, she likes light colors like pinks, whites, and browns in her clothes. She prefers gold-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Amethyst. 


Visha is a shy, sweet, cuddly Foxling with a tender and fragile demeanor that makes you want to handle her like a precious piece of fine china. Her delicate expression looks innocent, and her mannerisms back up that assessment. She is a very loving partner, she loves to be close to those she likes and will often cling to you or tackle you with a greeting if you have been gone for a long time. She loves to sit on laps and climb on shoulders, her shyness melting away to simple, enthusiastic happiness once she grows close to you. She is intensely curious about the human world, and would love to learn alongside someone as they start or continue their journey through metaphysics and spirituality. 


Visha is not going to be anyone's first pick for defense- she's just too darned cute! But she is immensely talented at Illusion magick and extremely passionate about Scrying and Divination. Like many Fox-related beings her energy is intensely spiritual and mystic in nature, her very aura seeming to glow and sparkle as she performs magickal workings. She has been schooled extensively in Sigil magick, her culture uses large round Sigils painted in special ink to protect their homes and communities, so she has been exposed to these practices from a young age. Illusion magick for Foxes is second nature, and Visha is no exception, she can use Illusions and Glamours to make herself appear as other people and she can even use her magick on you to alter peoples perceptions of you. As she grows her magickal capability will grow too, and she will be able to create vast Illusory labyrinths which she can trap her foes in, leaving them wandering aimlessly through a maze with no end until she has escaped to a safe distance and releases them. Right now, her labyrinth is rather small- but she practices every day. 


Visha is a young entity, and she is not interested in sex and romance at this time. She will be considered an adult in her society when she is 17 human years of age. When she is older, she may be open to such activities, but right now she just wants snuggles and friendship. 

Prebound V - The Foxling Girl

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