Entity Name: Vilexia Perlamne

Entity Age: 4,823

Species: Celestial Humanoid 

Gender: Female 


Vilexia stands 5'9" tall with a slender, smooth, hourglass figure and flawless porcelain skin. Her hair is long, flowing, and straight, starting out a rich mahogany brown at the roots and then fading out to a deep mix of blue, purple, and green colors, all deeply saturated. Her face is gentle, model-like, with high cheekbones and beautifully defined bright emerald green eyes. Her body is well balanced, with round, generous D cup breasts and a perky, plump rear. She tends to wear very saturated colors, deep blues, rich purples and greens, accented with gold or silver depending on her mood. She trends towards long, flowy clothing and loves clothes with lots of embellishments and accessories. Her favorite gemstone is Emerald. 


Vilexia is a bright, confident, cheery Celestial. She is easy to get along with, her energy feels very nurturing and safe, while at the same time fostering a relaxed atmosphere. She has been acting as a Priestess in her community for many centuries, and as such she has gotten very used to guiding and supporting people in their time of need. She is always willing to listen to any thoughts or feelings that you have, and she will always do her best to help keep you on the most beneficial path throughout your life. She does come off as a bit formal sometimes, but as the two of you bond, you will get to see peeks of her unfiltered personality. She is still sweet, and cheery, and supportive, but sometimes she does enjoy a little bit of naughty humor- nothing too offensive, just your standard dirty joke. She is very mature and responsible, and hopes that she will be able to help someone take more of those traits into their own life, through meditating with her. Vilexia likes a few things in the human world, like media that has a lot of bright, saturated colors and special effects, flowers and gardening, dancing, and instrumental music. 


Vilexia has spent much of her life in her role as a Priestess, so she has learned mostly magicks related to healing, protecting, and wish granting. Her energy as a Celestial makes her magick especially potent, as she draws directly from multiple stars when sourcing energy for her spells. She has learned energy manipulation as well, and is exceptional at crafting items out of energy- she tends to make staffs and other implements which she then uses to direct energy while she heals. She would be considered Grey Arts- she will handle some "selfish" wishes, but she wont hurt others, not without a good reason. She can help with protection, and she will always help you heal, and defend yourself if you are ever attacked, but she doesn't typically harm others without provocation. 

Vilexia's magick takes on a spectacular form, when she wields energy it flows around her in glowing ribbons, wrapping around her target and weaving itself into the spell she desires. She is an expert at cleaning and maintaining chakras, and at grounding and clearing negative energy. Invite her to cleanse you and work on you while you meditate, and you will quickly begin feeling refreshed. 


Vilexia is not looking for a sexual or romantic connection with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She would rather just be a supportive close friend to you, perhaps a motherly figure if you feel comfortable with that. 

Prebound V - The Celestial Priestess

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