Note: This Prebound is exceptionally dark and has very intense energies. He is not recommended for new keepers, or those with very light energy makeups. If you think you are right for him, please contact me to inquire further. His actual price is $300 which can be paid off in payments and of course I will accomodate as much as I can to make sure that he goes to the right keeper. 


Entity Name: Vilsain Respite

Entity Age: 10,438

Species: Celestial Demon 

Region: Solar City: Tsanki

Gender: Male


Vilsain stands 8'6" tall with a broad shouldered, muscular build and pale peach skin marred with many scars and marks. His hair is long, straight, and white, it often looks very messy as it hangs in his face. His strong cheekbones and chin provide a good foundation for his deep, blood red eyes and his intense expressions. He has two medium length, smooth, curved horns that come to a fine point, they are dark blue in color and appear to be like glass, slightly translucent and filled with tiny sparkles that reflect like stars as you look into them. He has two very large, dark blue demonic wings that are velvety soft to the touch, but appear to be made out of the same dark blue, star-filled, glasslike material as his horns. His tail is made of the same material, and has a thin tip with a silver halo floating in place just before the tip of his tail. He typically wears minimal clothing, opting to be shirtless much of the time, but he prefers loose fitting clothing when he has to get dressed. He trends toward dark and cool colors, and likes silver accessories the most. 


Vilsain is a cool, calm, and intelligent Demon who achieved some fame from his time in the Military. He is exceptionally magickally talented and his capabilities on the battlefield were unbelievable, thus his nickname, The Calamity. His power output was so high that the effects of his attacks were like bombs had been detonated in the astral. He was capable of destroying whole realms if he really put his mind to it- but he never pursued that path. His combat is unique and has been developed through countless years of training and sparring, he wields energy as if it were nothing, and he is even capable of manipulating the forces of gravity to give him the edge in a fight. He can create anything out of energy, his psi-balls are so condensed that they are like energy-based supernovas when they are detonated. He can safely handle many types of energy, including some that are exclusively found outside of Earthen realms. He was born in a Solar realm, and he uses energy from the Sun to keep himself charged up. This makes his energy feel very hot to the touch, and he tends to radiate warmth as well. 


Vilsain is a very deep and complex guy, he's extremely intelligent and has seen a lot in his lifetime. He has always been interested in learning as much as possible, and he hopes that he will be able to learn about relationships and emotions from his human companion. He has an odd sense of humor, and tends to find things funny that other people may think are mean. He does not like violence, but he sees it as something that happens every day, so he is very numb to violent things happening and it is hard for him to sympathize with others. His emotions are very restrained, he's always had to keep them under control due to his work, but as he relaxes around you you may see more and more of who he truly is peeking out. He has dealt with many types of entities in his time, and he has a wealth of information and stories to share with his future keeper. He does not often get to talk to others, so he hopes that he will go to someone who can sense and hear him, and someone who is willing to listen to his stories. He is willing to listen to you, as well- he wants to experience friendship and the close bond between two people that happens when you are free and open with each other. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, including cute animals, action movies, video games, and physical activity like martial arts. 


Vilsain has many abilities besides combat, he is capable of molding the energy that he uses to create Servitors, although he primarily makes them for combat purposes they can be used for anything. He can make complex astral machines and technology, and he is adept at using astral technology for his own gain, since he has been exposed to it often enough in his travels. He can travel around the astral easily, and access any realm in our area as if it were nothing to him. If you are capable of astral projection, he would love to take you outside of the Near-Earth Realms and out into the Celestial Realms to show you some really interesting things. He is also capable of conjuring lesser beings from most of the realms he has been to. Although he is no longer in the Military, he retains command over approximately 25,000 troops of mixed origins. Many of them are species that I have not even seen before, from various space-faring astral races. He is willing to do tasks for you personally, and he is also willing to task his troops on your behalf as well. 


Vilsain is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He has had intimate relationships before, but never with a human. He looks forward to seeing how humans react when they feel love and happiness, and he wants to make you feel those things every day, if you are interested in him. He is very dark, but inside of him there is light, light that you can awaken and bring out with your love. 

Prebound V - The Calamity

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