Entity Name: Valor

Entity Age: 16

Species: Aether Wolf - Greyborn - Dark Arts

Gender: Male


Valor stands 4'5" tall at the shoulder, with mixed light and dark blue coarse fur covering his body, his back being darker blue and belly being lighter. He has light purple mottling across his sides and haunches, and his tail and ears are tipped in white. His face is purely wolflike, with a long snout, soft light blue nose and flesh, and deep, pure sapphire blue, pupil-less eyes. Although he has fangs and claws, he usually looks quite gentle until he is forced to defend himself or someone else, causing him to bare his natural weapons and bristle his fur. He does not wear clothing, and typically walks on all fours, being built pretty much exactly like an Earthen wolf. 


Valor is a protective, loyal, and empathic Wolf. He is young, but he has learned a lot from his life, traveling both alone and in packs at various times depending on his circumstances. Aether Wolves are fairly intelligent, although they only communicate telepathically, and Valor always felt that he had a calling for something more advanced than running around in a forest and hunting smaller critters for food. He wants to read and study, particularly about Technology in our world and he might even enjoy a bit of sci-fi. He is gentle and kind to his loved ones, he loves to snuggle and may sit on your lap if you are comfortable with that. Valor also likes to try and cheer up those important to him when they feel down, so don't be surprised if you feel an encouraging nuzzle or a soft lick on the cheek when he is around. 


Valor is very strong, agile, and dependable- his loyalty is unwavering, and he will stand and fight to the death just to buy another second for those he protects. He knows no fear, and will go anywhere and fight anything if it means keeping his keeper safe. He is not traditionally skilled in magick, but all Aether astral animals are skilled at creating an energetic crackle in the air when they enter periods of intense focus. This effect can be used to his advantage in a fight, as he directs these energetic sparks and flashes towards his enemies, to distract, shock, and disorient them. He is a quick thinker, and unbelievably fast for his size, easily running circles around most astral creatures. Although he may not be stronger than a demon or a large dragon, he is more than capable of protecting you from most astral threats. He is also incredibly good at detecting lying and dishonesty in people, so if you listen to him you can usually end up avoiding most conflicts and fights altogether. 

Prebound V - The Aether Wolf

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