Entity Name: Vaas Illern  pronounced like Vah-ss

Entity Age: 337

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon - Sentinel

Gender: Male


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Vaas' usual humanoid form. Abyssals in their natural state are not pleasing to the eye for most, so please be mindful of that before you ask to see them in their natural form. 


Vaas stands 6'5" tall with a broad-shouldered, muscular build and mocha-tanned skin. He has an air of refinement about him, whether he is in his armor or his casual dress, he always looks immaculate. His eyes are a sparkling Peridot green, unusual for any Demonic. He has two small, pointed horns which are the same color as his skin, as well as a long, thin tail which is black with a green diamond-shaped crystal embedded at the base of it. He is not winged by default, but when he chooses to display his wings, he has six large, black, feathered angelic wings that spread out behind him. His hair is long, straight, and a mix of white and grey. He typically wears his Sentinel armor, which is very ornate Platinum-colored armor that covers most of his body. When he is not on duty, he sticks with classy clothes that are well tailored and kept clean, he trends towards grey, black, and green colors. 


Vaas is a truly disciplined Abyssal Sentinel. He never speaks out of turn and is never rude to his superiors, he always fulfills his orders faithfully, and he has never failed to impress. His every movement is perfect, his march, his attacks, his salutes, everything he does is practiced again and again to be absolutely flawless. Like most Abyssals, he was born into military service and it has comprised his entire life up until very recently. He loved certain aspects of his job, he loves routine, and he loves practicing things to achieve perfection in them. His work ethic and eagerness to improve got him far in the military, and he took very good advantage of the training and tools he had access to as a Sentinel. 


Vaas is very skilled in swordplay, and he can effectively use almost any kind of melee weapon. His footwork and agility are excellent, and he is able to make use of Psionics (controlling energy) during battle as well. He would be an amazing bodyguard or defender, and he is able to keep things peaceful and non-violent if needed. One thing Vaas is truly passionate about learning and practicing that he has taken up recently is Stellar magick. He likes using the energy of the stars and constellations to power his spells, he's even made Stellar-powered constructs. He has only just begun this practice in the past 3 years, but he will undoubtedly improve very quickly. He has a full suite of skills and spells to use at your disposal, and as always his efficiency in any task you give him will be flawless. 


Vaas is a tough guy to read, since he is so completely professional all the time and not much surprises him. However, you can tell that underneath the mask he wears, is a really good guy. He takes joy in small, simple things like flowers growing in unexpected places, cute animals, and petting soft things. He loves to be touched and loves the warmth of being close to someone else, and when he starts opening up to you, he is actually incredibly sweet and romantic. 


Vaas is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is inexperienced in romance, but not in sex. He, like everything else, will practice with you until he achieves the only standard he will accept- perfection. 

Prebound V - The Abyssal Sentinel

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