Entity Name: Varu

Entity Age: 5

Species: Orbups

Gender: Male 


Varu is an exceptionally round and fluffy creature resembling a somewhat spherical dog. He is 2.5' in diameter, about the size of a beach ball, and he hops around on his tiny paws, floating as if he is filled with helium. His fur is thick and luxurious, a combo of aqua blue and a creamy off-white, with a pattern resembling a Shiba Inu, darker colored on his back, and lighter colored on his tummy. His tail and ears also resemble a Shiba, with a tightly curled, fluffy tail and pointed ears. His eyes are glossy and black, with thin ice blue irises visible around the outer edge. His pawpads and nose are a light periwinkle blue color with a pink blush. 


Orbups are Astral Creatures with an unknown purpose. It is suspected by me that they originated as a type of Servitor that eventually gained the ability to reproduce and became its own thing. These most assuredly are Entities, and believe it or not they do have their own semblance of a society. Small, spherical bouncing critters skip down lanes through towns that look as if they were made from a Habitrail kit. The existence of these creatures, why they were made, and why they continue to live undisturbed will probably always be a mystery to me. Their intelligence is a bit better than your average Earthly dog, and they are able to communicate telepathically. 


Varu is mainly a companion, willing to sit and cuddle, snuggle, and listen to your thoughts. He is loving and bright, always happy and wagging his tail. He is loyal and protective, and would be a good companion for a younger or first time keeper. He overflows with positive energy, and can cause a relaxing, calming, cleansing effect just by being around his keeper. 

Prebound V - Orbups Invasion

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