Entity Name: Taval Oritte  Pronounced Tah-Vahl

Entity Age: 3,100

Species: Lower Hell Realm Winged Demon - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Taval stands 6'4" tall with a slim but broad shouldered build with very pale alabaster skin and light muscle tone. His hair is short with an asymmetric cut, straight and silky in texture with a lovely silvery-grey hue and an ice blue tinge in the light. His face is narrow with sharply focused steel-grey eyes and a smile that hints at knowing much more than he lets on. Two thick, curved and ridged pale grey horns poke out from his hair, one on either side of his head just above his ears. Behind him, two pale grey leathery Demonic style wings stretch out with enough wingspan to easily wrap himself and a partner of his choice up in complete darkness. His tail is long and thin with a pointed arrowhead tip, sharing the same light grey color as his wings. He normally wears relaxed clothing like baggy, long sleeved shirts and dark colored jeans, often with a belt to keep them up. He prefers silver toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Druzy Quartz. 


Taval is a very 'chill' Demon who loves nothing more than gazing at the clouds or the stars, or curling up with a thick book for the night. He is introspective, sensitive, and thoughtful, often taking a few moments to think about his words before he responds to a tense situation. He is much more of a thinker than a do-er, and he prefers to analyze any given course of action from many angles before he eventually decides on what to do. He would make a great partner for someone who finds themselves to be impulsive, or who has difficulties with thinking things through before they do them- since he will step in and remind you to think before you jump headfirst into things. His energy is also naturally very calm and patient, to the point where it inspires those around him to slow down a bit in their day to day lives. Taval has an interest in human literature, especially nonfiction historical accounts and poetry. He would love to go to anyone who shares a love for the written word, or even just art in general. His dream keeper would be someone who spends ample time in a library, study, or otherwise surrounded by books. 


Taval is more of a lover than a fighter, but he still brings some impressive magickal skills to the table especially for anyone interested in astral projection. Since he has spent so much of his time living vicariously through the words and writings of others, he has developed intense visualization skills and learned many techniques to help others develop theirs, too. He can change his energetic frequency and even alter yours to a certain degree, and he is very willing to meditate with his future keeper to help them practice. He would love to do various exercises with you, to test your visualization skills or to help you learn to sense touches on different parts of your body, or even to expose you to different elemental energies so you can learn to discern the differences between them. He is laid back, patient, and relaxed so he does not require constant daily practice, but he does hope that you will establish something of a routine with him. Taval does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves dried flowers and tea made from rosehips. 


Taval is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender. He hopes that you will allow things to slowly and naturally build between you both, and that he will get the chance to 'court' you as one traditionally would. He wants to show you his world and the beautiful sights in it, as well as taking time to see the things that you love in the Earthen world. Sexually he is slow and methodical, focusing on each part of his partners body as he builds towards an eventual climax. He loves closeness and intense physical contact, similar to what we would describe as tantric sex. 

Prebound T - The Winged Demon

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