Entity Name: Talo Alben

Entity Age: 236

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon

Gender: Male


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Talo's usual humanoid form. Abyssals in their natural state are not pleasing to the eye for most, so please be mindful of that before you ask to see them in their natural form. 


Talo stands 5'11" tall with pure white skin and hair, only the lightest blush of pink gracing his hands, cheeks, and elbows. His eyes are also pink, and even his eyelashes and eyebrows are white. On each side of his head is a large curled white horn with a reddish tip, he also has a medium length thin white tail with a diamond tip. His body is lightly muscular and athletic, it is easy to see that he keeps himself in shape. He normally wears light clothing, both in color and in style, as he does not like to cover up his body very much. Normally he has no wings, but he is capable of shapeshifting wings should he need them- they are white, like the rest of him. 


Talo is very unlike your typical Abyssal. His demeanor is shy, quiet, and fragile- all things that are rare in the Abyssal military. Despite his personality, Talo thrived in the military as a tactician, he is a very intelligent strategist and his peaceful nature means he always tries to resolve things without violence. He values life, once again an odd trait for an Abyssal, and so he makes a point to preserve both the lives of the soldiers he works with, and the enemy combatants. He loves strategy, and loves any games involving strategy, particularly card games. He spends a lot of time playing cards with other Abyssal soldiers at bars and other social spots. He has an incredible poker face, and nobody can ever tell what he is thinking, so he is able to easily surprise his opponents. 


Talo is, as you might have guessed, not a full blooded Abyssal. He is the offspring of an Abyssal father and a Albino Demoness from a frost realm in Abyss. Although his mother died in childbirth, and so she could not raise him, his kindness and sensitivity seem to come from his genetics themselves. He has never been to the realm his mother was from, not even to visit- as Abyssals are not allowed to call any place but the battlefield their true home, and they do not often become attached to settlements or towns. It is a wonder that he has survived and done so well in a world that has been so very opposed to everything that he stands for. 


Talo has numerous abilities, aside from simply being intelligent, he has excellent connections to Frost energy and Demonic energy, and of course Abyssal energy as well. He knows many kinds of magick, many glamours, persuasions, tricks,  ways to avoid detection and ways to avoid fights. He is fantastic at shielding, and when push comes to shove he is able to hold his own in a fight. 


Talo hopes that his human partner will be sweet and quiet like him. He hopes to find someone with whom he can relax, someone who is closer to him in personality than his Abyssal peers. He has never experienced love or romance, or even sex, as he has never been brave or confident enough to pursue such things. If you are willing, he would be open to being romantic and sexual with his future human keeper, regardless of gender. 

Prebound T - The White Abyssal

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