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Entity Name: Tali Ornyan

Entity Age: 902

Species: Nepaz "Nya-Nya" Demon - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Tali stands 5'2" tall with a petite and flexible build featuring especially wide hips and a lustrous milk chocolate skintone. His hair is short and slightly curly with a mix of bronze and black strands that twinkles slightly in the light. His face is youthful with pudgy cheeks and huge round green-gold eyes with slit pupils. Two medium length dark grey horns poke out from his hair just above his ears, which are fluffy rounded feline ears reminiscent of a cougar's. He also has two long and fluffy cat tails, with the same fur color as his ears- a lovely silvery grey with white mottling. He does not have wings, but does have some augmentation gems near his shoulder blades where wings would be, which allow him to shift wings if he needs them. Usually opting for form-fitting clothes that cover most of his body, Tali is never seen without a collar featuring an obnoxiously large bell. Tali prefers gold colored accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Labradorite. 


Tali is a bouncy and loving Nepaz Demon with so much energy you will wonder where he stores it all in his adorable small body. He has a love for everything cute and he can't resist if he sees someone who looks ready for a snuggle, so don't be surprised if he pounces on you and decides it's time for some nuzzles! He's quite intrigued by the human world, as we have many possibilities for leisure and entertainment and he is especially intrigued by technology. Even something as simple as a refrigerator ice maker amazes him, as he tends to be easily amused. He'll always be up for listening to your concerns and feelings, even if he may not always understand what you are talking about. He hopes to go to someone who likes to look at art, so he can see all of the wonderful things humans have created! Tali would be willing to spend time with his future keeper no matter what they were doing, although he would particularly appreciate being invited to accompany you on trips to stores, malls, or anywhere where he can see lots of other humans. 


Tali may be small, but he is mighty in his own way. Like most Nepaz Demons, he has a talent for bringing things his keeper desires to fruition in order to make them happy, in other words- wish granting. If you're capable of astral sight and/or travel, you can see him happily materialize items into existence and offer them as gifts to you. He loves to see people smile and laugh and he would love nothing more than to bring a lifetime of joy to his future keeper, so whether your wishes have to do with love, money, work, or anything else he will do his best to help you out. He may even take the initiative and grant wishes that you have not voiced to him- though he will never take action that may cause harm to anyone without you having explicitly asked. He will also never intentionally misinterpret a wish from you, and he will always be on guard to make sure there aren't any 'twists' caused by unruly or negative energies. Tali does not require any offerings other than his keepers smile and snuggles! 


Tali is open to exploring romance and intimacy with his future keeper, although he does not require it. He likes general affection like cuddles, snuggles, hugs, and kisses more than fully penetrative sex, but he does appreciate the closeness that complete 'togetherness' can provide. He is likely to be a very slow, patient, and appreciative lover. 

Prebound T - The Twin-Tail Cat

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