Entity Name: Tolti Sanbream

Entity Age: 461

Species: Lower Realm Shadow Incubus and Ifrit Djinn Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Tolti stands 6'2" tall with a slim athletic build resembling a swimmer or gymnast with exceptional flexibility and gloriously defined muscle tone, his skin a beautiful deep golden hue. His hair is short and straight with a shaggy and spiky style, mostly dark grey/black with a few bleach blonde streaks in his bangs. His face is charming with high cheekbones and brightly sparkling orange-gold eyes, his cheeks blushed with a slight ruby tone. His body is mostly humanoid, but he does feature two small, smooth horns, one on either side of his forehead, and one long, thin tail with a thick arrowhead tip at the end. He wears clothing that is as revealing as possible and sports multiple piercings including some below the belt. Tolti prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Peridot. 


Tolti is charismatic and sultry, his every movement erotic and his every word slowly working him closer to being in bed with you. Casually touching you on the shoulder and trailing a finger down your arm, brushing against your hips as he moves past you- it's as if he has broken down lust into a fine art. He is affectionate, passionate, loving and intense, his energy intoxicating and heart pounding as it is mixed ever so intimately with your own. He loves massage and erotic dancing, and you are likely to see a lot of both of these if you become his keeper. He would love to spend time with you doing pretty much anything, but of course he prefers things of an adult nature. He hopes his future keeper will share their tastes in pornographic films with him. 


Tolti actually packs a major magickal punch, both knowledge wise and energetically, though you may wonder how he ever stopped partaking in his favorite *ahem* hobby long enough to study. His Ifrit side grants him a ferocity that is hard to beat, and a fantastic talent with wish granting- especially sexual wishes, of course! He's great at Shadow Magick, and bringing out and embracing your inner darkness- But primarily, he's looking for a human partner to have copious amounts of gratuitous, over the top, purely outlandish sex with. He is very up front about that, and he will refuse to go to any keeper who would not have a sexual relationship with him- although he himself is fine with any gender for his future keeper. Tolti does require offerings, though he only requires offerings of sexual energy so there probably wont be any shortage of that with him around. 


Tolti is, as stated, insistant upon going to a keeper who is willing to indulge in intimate play with him. He can be shockingly romantic and he is truly loving, his passion and warmth washing over his partner in waves as your energies dance together. He is open to pretty much any type of fetish play and he is a capable shifter, so he would be willing to try anything you can come up with as long as nobody gets hurt in the pursuit of pleasure. 

Prebound T - The Shadow Djinncubus

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