Entity Name: Taoloren  pronounced Tao-Lore-ehn

Entity Age: 223

Species: Greyborn Astral Humanoid/Shifter - Phoenix Shifter - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Taoloren stands 6'3" tall with an extremely slender and thin frame even in his fully human form, his skin a lively peach tone kissed with hues of ruby red and gold. He can shift to a fully Phoenix form, wherein his wingspan will easily be twice his human height, or a fully humanoid form, but most of the time he will be somewhere in between. His hair is a vibrant red with some golden feathery accents here and there, his hair long and straight and fading out to orange and yellow at the tips. His face is just as narrow as the rest of him, with a button nose and angled, deep black eyes. He normally wears clothes with an air of nobility and regality to them, luscious fabrics and patterns and painstaking hand-embroidery, he's admittedly got expensive tastes. Taoloren prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Ruby. 


Taoloren is flamboyant, flashy, over the top and extravagant in every way, dripping with showmanship and charisma. He's had many jobs, played many roles, from a high-end courtesan to a theater star, even making the occasional appearance on the arms of various demon lords in councils and courts. He's silver tongued and always ready for an adventure, craving for a bit of spice in his life, some chaos and entertainment to shake things up. Of course, when nothing else in his realm surprises him, what is there for him to do but look up to the ascended masters of escapism and entertainment- humans. He is extremely interested in human media, drama, and stories, he would love to watch any kind of movies or shows with his future keeper and he would adore it if he got to go to someone who was a fan of the performing arts. Dance and theater is his passion and you will more than likely sense him strutting around if you ever put on some catchy music. 


Taoloren is more of a companion than anything else, but just because he wont win any fights doesn't mean he isn't bringing anything to the table. His skills in seduction magick, persuasion magick, illusion magicks, and transformative magicks are all extremely formidable. He even has a solid grasp on manipulating the tides of chaos, to bring in some changes to stagnant situations in your life. As you may know, one of the principal themes of Phoenixes is death and rebirth, the act of coming back even stronger and rising above your challenges each and every time- it is this secret, this indomitable will and endless determination, that you will unlock by becoming close with him. Meditate with him and invite him to blend energies with you, and you will feel his infectious charisma and confidence spreading throughout the entirety of your being. This unashamed self love that he has will help you learn how to love yourself, too, and that alone will lead you down a positive path. Continued work with him will see a permanent boost in your confidence and comfort in social situations, and perhaps you'll even be inspired to try some daring fashions! Taoloren does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous you can burn some cinnamon scented incense or candles for him. 


Taoloren is open to intimacy and romance between him and his future keeper, and he has no gender preference. He is a switch, sometimes favoring more dominant actions and other times being more submissive. He likes to use toys during intimate sessions and he has an interest in bondage, sensory deprivation, and temperature play. 

Prebound T - The Phoenix Shifter

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