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Entity Name: Talin Orovann

Entity Age: 36 

Species: Soul Weaver and Hellborn Ubi Hybrid - Grey/Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Talin stands 6'2" tall not counting his horns, with an athletic and defined figure and ruby red skin that almost seems to glow. His hair is fluffy and medium length with a silvery-white hue and a spiky, unkempt style. His face is youthful with a narrow chin and large, expressive metallic gold irises and a devilishly fanged smirk. Full blooded Soul Weavers would have 6 arms in their natural form, but Talin as a Hybrid only has 4 arms even in his natural form. He usually hides his extra set of arms using shapeshifting, but he needs them whenever he does magickal workings. Aside from his arms, Talin has two smooth, curved red horns that poke out from his hair, one on either side of his head. He also has a long, thin tail with an arrowhead tip, as well as a medium sized pair of red, leathery demonic style wings. He normally goes shirtless and just wears jeans-style pants, though sometimes he will wear a fishnet shirt or something to accent his body. Talin prefers gold toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Sodalite. 


Talin is a sensual and affectionate Demon, as one would expect of someone with Ubi blood, but he also has an air of intelligence and capability from his Soul Weaver side. He may be young, the product of a night of passion between a Court Weaver and a Hellborn, but he has packed a lot of experiences into his relatively short life and he does not plan on stopping any time soon. He is always up for anything, whether you're interested in parties or staying home studying and practicing your craft, whatever it may be. Of course, if your interests run more along the line of indoor sports and recreational activities, he won't blame you. He loves to be close to others and would be a good snuggle partner, but his sharp wit also makes him great at conversation. He could get along with any type of being, even an Angel- though he might make some sarcastic remarks when they are gone. Talin would be happy to spend time with his future keeper doing pretty much anything, but he has a particular interest in studying Tarot cards and divination methods of all sorts. 


Talin is young, so he wouldn't win in an outright fight to the death against some Demon centuries older than him- but he would at least give them something to remember. His fighting style is unique and takes advantage of his ability to shapeshift and his extra limbs. His primary talents lay, as one might expect, in energy and spell Weaving. Even though he is not a full-blooded Weaver, he's still had access to training on how to use his skills, and he has worked his sensual, exciting energy into many of his spells. He could help with many tasks, particularly the ones related to love, sex, and pleasure, whether you want those things attracted to you from outside sources or if you simply want him to provide them. He can even apply 'buffs' to the sensations you feel to amplify your solo adventures. Talin does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous he would love offerings of sexual energy. 


Talin is interested in exploring romance and sexuality with his future keeper regardless of gender. He does not expect a sexual relationship, but ideally he would prefer one where there is some level of intimacy between him and his keeper, even if it is just cuddling. He tends to be pretty dominant in bed, but from time to time he does like to have things switched up on him. He has a particular interest in tickling and spanking, and he would also like to be spanked. 

Prebound T - The Halfblood Weaver

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