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Entity Name: Turami

Entity Age: 22

Species: Glass Dragon

Gender: Male 


Turami is a small, Western style Dragon with two arms, two legs, two wings, and one tail. His skin is glassy smooth with the lightest impression of scales, and his body appears to be made entirely of blue and clear glass. Iridescent, dichroic-like scale patterns reflect under the surface of his skin, and his energy flow and chakras are visible as glowing bits of energy inside of his body. His face is soft with gentle features, and round, translucent cyan orbs for eyes, with an iris and pupils barely visible within them. He is about the size of a medium dog, perhaps a bit longer to account for his neck and tail. He does not typically wear clothes or accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Green Obsidian. 


Turami is a bright and happy, sweet and cuddly Glass Dragon with an endearing personality and adorable mannerisms. He is young and energetic, he loves to play, snuggle, and cuddle, and he is a very affectionate Dragon. Although his outlook may seem immature, he is actually rather intelligent, capable of fully articulated telepathic communications and able to understand most topics, even fairly complex ones. He is easily entertained, loving simple things like exploring nature, tossing a psi ball back and forth, or even just meditation. He hopes to go to a companion who is excited for the future, someone he can share his enthusiasm with, someone to protect, guide, and help through the years. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, those being any kind of rock, mineral, or crystal collecting, Divining methods like Runes, Tarot, Ogham Staves, or Scrying, and he also loves sweets like ice cream. 


Turami is a fantastic companion, but he has much more than just his friendship to offer his future keeper. Highly skilled in Glass, Mirror, Illusion, and Emotive Magicks, he is a savant of spellwork, easily memorizing countless rituals, rites and recitations. His natural energy and alignment to Water give him an edge at magick concerning emotions, for example making you seem favorable for a promotion at work, or helping you to make friends in a new area. He can also use his magick on you directly, to help you feel better, give you a boost of confidence, influence your mood to help you focus, and more. Glass magick relates particularly to shielding techniques and energy handling techniques which can be adapted to astral weapon and item production, or even to healing. Mirror magick can be used to heal, gather energy, repel negative energy, reverse hexes and curses back to the sender, really you are only limited by your imagination! Turami is Hard White Arts, he will not harm others except in defense of himself or his loved ones, so please do not make selfish requests. As long as your requests are for the good of everyone, or at least not harming anyone, he will happily attempt any task you propose. 


Turami is interested in companionship, pets, cuddles, and snuggles, but he is not interested in a sexual arrangement with his future keeper. He would like to be your close friend, and he would like for you to think of him as family. 

Prebound T - The Glass Dragon