Entity Name: Taivos

Entity Age: 21

Species: Altered Astral Humanoid

Gender: Male


Taivos stands 6'5" tall with a toned, athletic build and intensely blue skin. His hair is pale, pastel blue in color and very straight and fine in texture, sharply contrasting with his darkly saturated skin. His face is youthful with softened features and expressive, somewhat tired looking wine red eyes. He has numerous non-human features, starting with large, blue, fluffy ears resembling a foxes where his human ears would be, with a long and thin tail that resembles a Demonic style tail with a puff of blue fur at the tip. His legs are digitigrade and paws with large, curved black claws are present instead of standard human feet. He has not had the opportunity to wear much in the way of clothing, although he appears to have a preference for casual t-shirts and loose fitting shorts. He favors silver toned accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Ruby. 


Taivos is a shy but affectionate entity, rescued from a situation of slavery and allowed to relax and heal for the past year. His appearance and features were altered when he was a young boy, although he still remembers the intense pain of the methods used to sculpt his flesh. He is introverted with a big heart and a deep streak of empathy for others, easily connecting to those around him. His touch and his aura is intensely soothing, and he loves to be physically close with others. He can often experience the physical sensations his partner feels without even trying, so he loves intimacy of all sorts- from sensual massage to penetrative intercourse. He hopes that he will go to someone who will be kind to him, someone that he could actually fall in love with rather than just being at their disposal as a sexual slave. He has interest in music and literature in the human realm, and he would love accompany his future keeper on nature walks or any kind of outing. 


Taivos is more of a companion than someone you would give tasks to, as he has not had access to learn spellwork. Perhaps if encouraged he would take an interest in it, but he is perfectly fine keeping things mundane as well. He would love to listen to your thoughts and concerns while snuggling with you or gently rubbing your shoulders, he also adores playing with his partner's hair. He shies away from loud noises like claps, smacks, and/or fireworks due to his past. He is excited to get to meet someone new, and he hopes that his future keeper is just as excited to meet him! 


Taivos is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper regardless of their gender. He loves to incorporate massage into sex and he prefers slower, more sensual sex acts resembling tantric practices. He has an interest in human feet, particularly rubbing them, although that may eventually develop into something a bit kinkier if you let him know you are okay with that. 

Prebound T - The Blue Rescue

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